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Help us look after precious Royal Albatross chicks you love and help them thrive. Keep Royal Albatross Centre open; Support wildlife care


Help us fly into the Future...

We need your help to support the Royal Albatross while they raise their chicks at Pukekura/Taiaroa Head - the only Royal Albatross breeding colony on a mainland anywhere in the world - its a very special place!

Help keep the Royal Albatross Centre open to inspire the next generation of conservationists; invest now to assist albatross to thrive.

For over 50 years we've shared the awe of seeing charismatic breeding royal albatross at the world's only mainland colony. We've hosted many thousands of visitors, sharing our love of albatross, their struggles, successes and financially helped albatross survival. We've excited generations of school children with our education programmes, our team have volunteered to assist DOC Rangers to care for albatross, we've patrolled for predators and fundraised to buy supplies and equipment for albatross nurturing. We've helped the albatross colony grow from a few chicks to a thriving successful colony with an increasing amount of beautiful majestic albatross chicks fledging their way out into our world.

Now, with the effects of Covid 19, we've lost our major source of income, our visitors. The funds we raised through giving tours, hosting visitors in our cafe and selling gifts has plummeted. This means our ability to raise funds and help with albatross care and education is limited. We're committed to staying open and sharing albatross with visitors - but we need your help!

Please help us by donating to our nest egg. This will help us support Royal Albatross care by assisting us to keep our centre open, to host visitors on tours and raise funds to support DOC with their albatross care. We'll be able to continue our critical work on albatross promotion; inspiring people to care about wildlife and our environment making a difference to albatross survival.

The Royal Albatross Centre is a not-for profit organisation under the Otago Peninsula Trust which has been protecting and conserving wildlife including the Northern Royal Albatross for over 50 years. We are home to Royal Albatross, Little Blue Penguins, The endangered Red-billed gull and many more species. We also help facilitate, education programmes to schools, conservation research and even have our own penguinologist doing amazing research! We are home to approximately 250 albatross and 20 other species. We proudly promote Dunedin as "The Wildlife Capital of New Zealand" , encouraging people to visit and learn at the Seabird Centre with its iconic Royal Family.

Pukekura albatrosses are unique in that their colony is the only place in the world where they can be viewed on a mainland.

• The Northern Royal Albatross is a taonga species, valued and admired by all New Zealanders and international visitors

- Albatross have one chick every two years, mating in September/October, eggs laid in October/November, chicks hatched January/February and raised until they fledge September/October. The parents then have a year off.

• Viewing royal albatrosses at Pukekura contributes to eco-tourism in Dunedin

• Chicks fledge in September and don't come back for 4-7 years.

Pukekura is an unmissable wildlife paradise. The headland is home to the korora (Little Blue Penguin) Colony, the Royal Albatross Colony, a seal colony and nine types of nesting birds with over 20 species spotted around the area.

Living at Pukekura:

Native/Endemic: Spotted Shag, Royal Spoonbill, Little Shag, NZ Fur Seal, Oystercatcher, Red-billed gull, Northern Royal Albatross, Black-backed Gull, Sooty Shearwater, Fantail, Stewart Island Shag, Little Blue Penguins, Paradise Shelduck, Oystercatcher, Welcome Swallow, Wax Eyes, Grey Warbler.

Introduced: Little Owl, Starlings, Blackbird, Hedge Sparrow, Skylark, Song Thrush

Visits Pukekura:

Australian Gannet, Giant Petrel, NZ White-capped Albatross, Bullers Mollymawk, Australasian Harrier, Yellow-eyed Penguin, White-faced Heron, White-fronted Tern, NZ Sea Lion, Elephant Seal.

Please donate and assist Otago Peninsula Trust, NZ's First Private Charitable Trust established in 1967, with it's projects to protect wildlife and heritage assets and share them with locals and their visitors.

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Otago Peninsula Trust's mission is to 'Preserve and Enhance Otago Peninsula'. A guardian and careful custodian of wildlife and heritage to benefit the wider environment and community.

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Royal Update  3 July 2022

Thanks everyone who has donated!

We have raised nearly $50,000 since we first started our Give a Little page over 7 years ago. This significantly assist with our charitable conservation work, to enable us to support our dedication work and our objectives.

We have used so far over $4,000 this season, which has gone into supporting the DoC Rangers, with their projects to help protect and support the Northern Royal Albatross Colony, here at Pukekura/ Taiaroa Head.

Our team have spent over 20 volunteer hours, assisting the Rangers with supplementary feeding, which helps build a better chance for the Albatross chicks, to ensure they are healthy prior to them fledging later this September. We are extremely dedicated to help support the DoC Rangers, to better improve the colony success.

We do hope one day you will all be able to visit the Royal Albatross Centre and witness the magic the royal albatross create.

If you are unable to visit us in person, you can join one of our Virtual Albatross Experiences by visiting our website.

Ngā mihi

Chris McCormack - Operations Manager

Royal Albatross Centre/ Otago Peninsula Trust

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Latest donations

Carol Goodsole
Carol Goodsole 21 hours ago
Ginny 1 day ago
To support the work and efforts of the DOC /RAC rangers, team members and volunteers and taking care of the chick's supplemental feedings.
Rosalind 1 day ago
Thank you so much to Laura Findlay, RAC Visitor Centre, for your outreach to our Royal Cam Albatross New Zealand group in Facebook. I hope that there will be opportunities for you to provide "virtual live updates" from the Observation Post or RAC main Observation area along the way, even when this season's chicks have fledged. Every bit of your time/effort matters. Some day, I look forward to coming back to New Zealand and attending as many tours/educational sessions as possible. Meanwhile, I am happy to support the chicks and your dedicated efforts as well as DOC rangers'. Much aloha from Hawaii. Roz Young
Estelle 2 days ago
Thank you for your work. My visit was wonderful.
Private Donor
Private Donor 5 days ago

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