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Danny needs a legal trial of Cannabidiol


From effectively birth, Danny has suffered with an extremely agressive form of Autoimmune eczema, first showing signs within a few months of birth. The start of medical treatments, creams and doctors visits was when he was perhaps 3 months old. Throughout this time the accepted therapies have been strictly pharmaceutical based topical and oral steroid creams and pills, moisturisers and emolients, injections of various potencies, autoimmune medications (basically low level chemo) and what seems to have felt like a life-long addiction to painkilling opiates, particularly Oxycodone. All of these treatments have only left Danny more physically broken and scarred due to over 50 hospital admissions to ICU Isolation. Because of the potency and length of time that Danny has been on these medications, the side effects have been severe. Danny's skin has now 10-20% barrier function left, due to the combined effects of his condition and the treatments. Due to this he routinely gets life-threatening infections resulting in drugs having to be delivered by PICC lines etc.

In the end, after 28 years, nothing has treated the root cause of the condition, it is our hope that the preclinical studies on the anti-inflammatory effects of Cannabidiol offer a novel treatment path for Danny with a much better safety profile and possibly efficacy. The problem is, due to the legal matter and red tape surrounding the entire issue, getting access to this medicine is currently out of my reach as doctors here in NZ have a lot of trouble granting patient access to so many in desperate need. This has now culminated in products being able to be prescribed, but at immensely unaffordable prices for most chronic illness sufferers, and with a hefty degree of "doctor shopping" to find a doctor bold enough.

It is our wish to fundraise to get Danny to a favourable doctor to trial a CBD Product, and fund him for several months as what is effectively a 1 patient trial. If you believe in our cause to grant affordable access to New Zealand patients, please help us out with donating to the fund so Danny can trial this medicine, and permit him to keep on being a voice for those with obscure yet severe conditions who could stand to benefit from Medical Cannabis products.

Thank you for your time, support and sharing of our cause! All assistance is incredibly appreciated and will sure go a long way to making sure Danny has a good shot at trialling this potentially life saving/changing treatment.

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Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand.

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We are committed to helping patients gain access to legal Medical Cannabis, promoting awareness and providing education for the medical profession on Medical Cannabis.

Use of funds

The money will be spent on medical expenses for Danny Battershill, specifically specialist appointments and prescriptions for Cannabis based products.

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Danny Features in the Hibiscus Matters  19 September 2018

Danny had significant delays going onto CBD due to his constant hospitalizations.

Just this week he featured in his local paper, as he has started his CBD trial and reports some of his various pains have subsided initially, it will take weeks to see if it helps his overall inflammation.

Danny is now suffering from secondary adrenal failure from a lifetime of steroid use, and is investigating bleeding edge biologic treatments.

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Latest donations

Emma on 09 Oct 2018
Good luck!
Marita on 09 Oct 2018
Have looked after you in hospital, Danny, and am interested to follow this trial. All the best!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 09 Oct 2018
I am so pleased for you Danny that you have been able to get on a trial for CBD and that you have had such a positive reaction to it. I am familiar with how debilitating eczema like yours can be. You are very brave. I saw you on the Project and now in the NS Times. I hope and pray that you will be given an opportunity to keep using medicinal cannabis and that you can say goodbye to all those hospital visits and start to enjoy life. You have a great attitude and my good wishes go out to you. Kia kaha!
Verinia on 30 Sep 2018
Good luck Danny! Sending you best wishes from the Yates family xx
Garth Nimon
Garth Nimon on 30 Sep 2018
Sufferer of ms

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