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#MC410 Medical Cannabis for 10 Patients

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Fundraising for Sativex for 10 needy people in New Zealand. Conditions such as Epilepsy, Cancer, and Chronic Pain.

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Treatment Disability Awareness

A fundraising pool of 10 patients, who will be revealed in due course,

First up is Jamie,

Read More about Jamie and his Epilepsy and brain surgeries here.

Second up is Benjamin, his story of Epilepsy can be read here.

Third up is Dr Huhana Hickey, find out about her story of dramatic improvement with her pain and Spasticity from MS here

Our 4th Patient is Warren Edney, who you may have seen on One News recently.

Our latest Patient we wish to fundraise for is Paige Gallien, who was the first child in NZ to have sativex perscribed due to intractable Epilepsy, in her case Dravet Syndrome.

Please help us by donating to our cause to help these 3 patients and several others like them who will be revealed in due course.

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We are involved in supporting NZers get legal access to Medical Cannabis, to this effect, we have found 10 patients up and down the country who have active prescriptions or are in the process of getting prescriptions for Sativex, the only legal option. We intend to gradually announce these 10 patients and share their stories over the coming weeks.

“Best of luck with your fundraising”
“Every small donation helps this important cause”
“All the best to everyone ,I am currently in remission from my cancer been using oil now for three years I understand how differcult mc is to get hold of and not knowing how much to take its been tough at times ,but I do believe it helps to keep me well ,good luck to you all xx”
“I want to leave an uplifting comment but this whole fiasco breaks my heart. History will write us on the victorious side.”
“Little but hopefully helpful. With support from Alexandra”
“All the best!!!”
“Hope this helps Warren. xoxox”
“I came to New Zealand from a State that has legal cannabis(recreational and medicinal). As a veteran of the United States Military, I saw how cannabis helped my brothers in arms with the physical pain and mental anguish they would experience after service to our country. I am a firm believer in medicinal cannabis and consider cannabis prohibition a crime itself. I can't afford to give more, but I hope that this goes to help those who need it most.”
“Filling in when political expediency doesn't.”
“Sending you lots of love ??”
  • $2,407.20 donated
  • 56 generous donors

$2,407 donated

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