Medical Cannabis for Cohen Brown

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Cohen Suffers an extreme version of a rare condition and needs your help to fund Medical Cannabis.


Cohen Brown is 24 yrs old and has a rare condition, Neurofibromatosis (NF1) which can occur in about 1 in 3,500 people. This disease causes benign tumors to grow through the body on nerve tissue, causing severe pain. There is always a risk of tumors turning cancerous.

Cohen has been battling a more aggressive symptom set than most with the disease and has had over 20 serious operations in his life, and due to the pain his condition has caused he has been prescribed strong narcotics from a young age, often causing him to sleep up to 18hours a day from the sedation.

Cohen is now the youngest person in the world to have a very rare type of cancer, with only 4 reported cases worldwide, of a melanoma in the Iris, additionally, he has a High specific Spinal Cord tumour in C1 , Plexiform Lumbar Region Neurofibromas and recently a new lesion in the uncus of the right Parahippocampal Gyrus.

Due to the inoperable nature of his tumors, and the severe condition he suffers, Cohen has been granted legal access to a Medical Cannabis product,

Can you help Cohen achieve a little relief?

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We are committed to helping patients gain access to legal Medical Cannabis, promoting awareness and providing education for the medical profession on Medical Cannabis.

Use of funds

Funds will be used for Cannabis based Medicines for Cohen Brown.

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Latest update

Rapid relief with CBD  25 November 2018

Cohen has started his first bottle this week, in his own words here is how he described it so far.

"….it's a strange feeling not being in pain after living with it for 13 years ..I feel like a part of me is missing ...I couldn't sleep as I felt different Its weird being in pain for such a long long time then boom its gone and you feel "normal" which is something I forgot the feeling of over the 13 year period and not being stoned or impaired by opioids or other drugs. When i take my night dose it rapidly kicks in, after so long I finally have a solution for my pain to recede, I've got something that finally works!…."

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 04 Jan 2019
Good Luck Cohen and Lots of Love
Paul Manning (Helius)
Paul Manning (Helius) on 19 Dec 2018
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 17 Dec 2018
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown on 10 Dec 2018
Hi Cohen, wish I could help more. I met your mum in paknsave last year. I thought she was an inspiration, also I’ve seen your sister at cornerstone church sometimes. I am a Christian, I really pray and hope that you will find rest in your life. The pain must be huge. I understand the pain of being bullied to the point of suicide. I’m praying for your family. I believe God can do amazing things for you all. God bless, Sam
Logan Barritt
Logan Barritt on 04 Dec 2018
Stoked as for you bro here's a donation for your next lot

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