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ABI MasterMind Employee Self-Service or ABIMM ESS manages the employees' across venues in terms of time and work that completely works on a digital solution. It avoids the burden on setting up of employee management infrastructure from managers. This digital solution terminal replaces the employee time-card machines. It only allows to make login or logout respectively and the system automatically captures all of your working hours and enabling you to receive the timely payments.

Login Procedure for ESS ABIMM

Most of the venues have an ESS ABIMM terminal installed. If you're working in a company which registered with the ABIMM ESS, your manager will provide you all essential codes that included your user id and password and the venue ID. These unique codes will be used to identify the particular work location.

The first thing you need to do is navigate to the web portal or access the Employee Self Service web page, it will automatically redirect you to the login home page.

Now, you need to enter the valid venue ID which is a unique identification code assigned to your work venue. With this ID, the online portal can easily calculate the working hours or schedule and manage the work at different locations.

You're required to enter second login details such as user id and pin code.

If you've logged into the account properly, you will now access to the home page.

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