Epilepsy New Zealand

Epilepsy New Zealand

Founded in 1956, Epilepsy New Zealand is the country's largest provider of epilepsy support.


Our Vision: A New Zealand that is free of discrimination and stigma, where the impacts of epilepsy on a person’s life, and that of their whanau and community, are minimised.

Our Mission: To improve the quality of lives of New Zealanders living with epilepsy.

Epilepsy New Zealand provides information and support for those with the condition and awareness for the community through:

Personal appointments – to assist a person who has epilepsy understand and manage their epilepsy.

Representation – for people with epilepsy to health services, schools, employers and community agencies.

Information - brochures, information sheets, newsletters and seminars on epilepsy.

More about us

Epilepsy New Zealand’s mission is to improve the quality of lives for New Zealander’s who live with Epilepsy. Our core values of integrity, inclusiveness, empowerment and leadership enable us to support people with a clear vision and purpose to create a community where epilepsy is understood, and people are supported to manage their epilepsy well. A community where people are not afraid to disclose their epilepsy and have open conversation for fear of discrimination. Our theory of change is simple, if people understand epilepsy, then the quality of life for people living with epilepsy will improve.

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Donors’ tax credits TaxGifted on 27 Jun 2024
This donation is from generous donors who opted in to regift their tax credits via TaxGift. Aren’t they awesome!
Pete and Tina
Pete and Tina on 25 Apr 2024    10kms for Ben May
The perpetual commitment by people towards Ben’s cause and memory is awesome!
Amanda May

We love and appreciate all your support. 🙏🏻 Keeping Ben’s plans moving forward. 💜💜💜

Amanda May
Elliott on 29 Mar 2024    10kms for Ben May
Amanda May

Thank you Elliott. We really appreciate your support.💜

Amanda May
Kathy and James xx
Kathy and James xx on 29 Mar 2024    10kms for Ben May
Amanda May

Thank you Kathy & James for your support & kind donation. Together we can make a difference and keep Ben’s plans moving forward.💜💜💜

Amanda May
Emma on 29 Mar 2024    10kms for Ben May
Amanda May

Thank you for your kind donation Emma. Your support keeps Ben’s plans going and, for that, we’re so grateful. 💜

Amanda May

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