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No Duff Charitable Trust

No Duff provides both urgent and & less-urgent support to veterans (being current and former service people) and their families.


No Duff Charitable Trust is an independent, nationwide organisation that supports current and former Defence personnel (and their families) by providing crisis and peer-to-peer support, or facilitation to / delivery of a range of other support services. The Trust also works closely alongside other organisations that can provider longer-term support to veterans and their families in need.

The best person to assist a veteran is another veteran - someone who can understand the unique challenges faced by service personnel and their families. The general public and even people within other Veterans' support organisations often simply do not fully understand the issues that they face, or are unable to speak the unique language.

As at April 2020 No Duff has responded to 376 different situations that have included urgent and non-urgent tasks, some straightforward and some very complex (long-term and with multiple agencies involved to ensure the individuals received the required care and assistance). The scale of No Duff’s activities has increased significantly from its inception, with the number of responses to requests for assistance far exceeding original expectations.

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No Duff is to provide immediate welfare support to members of the NZDF past and present, particularly veterans, in order to ensure that the mental, physical, and social health of all members is maintained at the highest possible level.

Use of funds

No Duff will remain a primarily volunteer based organisation, and continue to heavily rely on our volunteer network for as much input as possible in carrying its activities.

This is to help ensure all funds are applied for maximum effect in terms of the Trust’s charitable purposes.

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376 Veterans Supported  27 May 2020

Money Donated will directly assist New Zealand's first-ever Veterans Peer Supporters Course.

No Duff Charitable Trust is about to launch our Veterans Peer Supporter Course. The course is a formally delivered package specifically designed to train individuals to support Veterans in crisis and will revolutionise the way we operate as an organisation, and the wider Veterans support sector.

There is an urgent requirement for better access to mental health support services across New Zealand as evidenced by the Government’s recent Mental Health Inquiry report. No Duff’s anecdotal experience over the past three years of delivering quality support services to our Veterans community has seen waiting times for professional counselling & psychological services of up to six months. In addition, the Veterans’ community in New Zealand is likely to see a significant increase in the need for peer support, counselling and other mental health support in coming years as the impact of decades of sustained operational deployments by NZDF starts to be seen.

Combined with our deep experience in delivering immediate support to veterans, a new client management software and our existing team of committed veteran volunteers, the Peer Supporter course will produce a mental health support capability unparalleled in the history of the NZ Veterans support sector, and long overdue.

Delivery of the course and ongoing supervision of Veteran Peer Supporters will be managed by a team of clinicians headed by the Trust's Clinical Advisor, Dr Paul Nealis.

No Duff Charitable Trust has the motivation, capability and capacity to develop this Peer Supporter Course which will help to train members of the Veteran’s community to be able to support one another in a safe and effective manner. It will represent a substantial change in the Veterans support landscape in NZ by providing a formalised, consistent and monitored capability that currently does not exist, and is unlikely to for some time if no action is taken.

No Duff remains committed to improving the state of the NZ Veterans support sector and continues to lead the way in doing so.

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