Help Bald Angels get Xmas Food Parcels to kiwi kids in the Far North

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Please help us get Xmas Kai Boxes (food parcels) to struggling families this Christmas. We need $$$ support to feed vulnerable kiwi kids.


The ‘ho, ho, ho” of Christmas does not happen for many of our most vulnerable and impoverished Kiwi kids. Just getting a decent meal won’t happen, let alone the thrill of a Christmas gift. Families in our communities often don’t get to have food around Christmas. There are so many added expenses, & often parents places of employment close over the Christmas period, reducing their limited income. Covid has impacted this even more this year, with many families now having even less income coming in.

Our generous community donates over 1600 gifts every year in the spirit of manaakitanga and whanaungatanga ... but we need help with funding the Kai boxes (food parcels) please.

We want to give out as many Kai boxes as possible this Christmas, but to do that we do need financial help.

- A family basics box costs us $100.

- A box with all the basics, fresh veggies & meat costs us $150.

- A box with all the basics, fresh veggies & meat with added hygiene/sanitary items costs us $200.

Families all across the Mid and Far North of New Zealand will be so thankful for your support.

“I’ve had grown men cry when I turn up. Single dads who are too proud to ask for help.”

[Said one of our social worker partners when he delivered Angel Xmas Kai parcels and gifts in bay Of Islands area last Xmas]

“The look on the kids faces is priceless, and the whanau are overcome with emotion”.

[Kaitaia social services comment]

“Māmās are so grateful. So relieved. They never be able to treat the children at Christmas if it wasn’t for your Angel gifts.”

[Womens Refuge]

“Being able to connect and engage with at-risk whanau ( families) at a high stress time of year is valuable in terms of harm prevention/ management. Turning up with gifts and kai ( food) is a real bonus. It makes a difference.”

[NZ Police]

About us

'Bald Angels Charitable Trust' believes all children deserve to thrive & we focus on the most vulnerable. We engage the community in whanaungatanga values: providing emergency essentials, trauma Angel Bears, youth mentoring & whānau support.

Use of funds

These funds will be used to pay for the Angel Xmas Kai Boxes (food parcels) for vulnerable and at-risk Mid-Far North families.

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What happened to the Bald Angels Kai Boxes?  22 January 2021

We were simply stunned by the generosity and aroha shown in the comments and the dollars donated, and YOU made a massive impact by caring!

We packed 2400 boxes and distributed them to 400 whanau.

Each whanau received:

1 box meat & fresh veges

1 box hygiene/cleaning

3 boxes pantry groceries

1 bag potatoes -1 bag x rice


1 x box gifts individually chosen and wrapped for 1457 children/youth.

Our partners (Police, social workers, public health nurses, teachers, Women's Refuge, Plunket, church groups ) distributed the goodies to whanau in need across the Far North.

They were so grateful and happy to be able to help these families. They reported tears, awe, gratitude and relief from the recipients.

We know the impact goes far beyond the immediate 2000 family members having kai and children receiving gifts at Christmas. We know it goes beyond the warmth of knowing that others (you) care, and that the agencies who delivered cared enough to do that for them.

The impact that cannot be measured is the mental health, the reduced crime, the safer homes, and ....the aroha and joy of making a trifle for your whanau....

Thankyou for helping us make a difference for our people last Christmas. YOU changed a life.

This photo: When is a ham more than a ham?

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