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Helping Hollie Fund #doingitforhollie

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Helping Hollie and her family fight this fight that no child or family should ever have to go through. #doingitforhollie

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Beautiful 6-year-old Hollie Beattie is currently in the middle of the fight of her life.

In July 2018 Hollie was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cancer called Neuroblastoma.

Since then, Hollie and her family, Dad John, Mum Jo and Big Brother William have been on the most harrowing roller coaster of a journey.

After an initial round of chemotherapy and surgery to remove the main tumor, it was devastating for them to hear that the repeat tests showed the treatment had failed to make an impact on the disease in her bone marrow. It was a heart-breaking outcome.

As a result, Hollie was unable to begin the first stem cell transplant that had been scheduled for January 2019, and after an agonizing week waiting for approval from the USA for an immunotherapy drug, she began a new set of combined chemo and immunotherapy cycles on the 19th December, and made it home just in time for Christmas after the first round.

Following these rounds of treatment, Hollie has also now completed two stem cell transplants which included two sets of four week stays in Starship hospital, with Hollie in isolation each time.

Most recently, Hollie has completed additional weeks of radiation treatment, and is now in the middle of her second round of immunotherapy treatment, which will take her through to January 2020.

Hollie is incredible, her resilience is awe inspiring and her courage is unfathomable. She is always the first to offer out cuddles of love and smiles of happiness, regardless of what she has been going through, and she has been through a lot.

John, Jo and William are stoic and have created a positive and loving outlook around what is a truly grueling time for them all.

The family is strong, but the future is still somewhat uncertain for them, and that is where we come in.

A donation of any size, be it small or large, will enable John and Jo to spend every minute possible making the most out of life for both Hollie and William, and this is all that they want to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read their story.

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As a striving young Auckland family, Jo and John are both working full time but we know that over this extremely difficult time there will be additional and unexpected expenses. This Givealittle page will help them to keep on keeping on.

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Moving Forward  15 October 2019

Hollie completed her transplants in record time. As expected they weren't easy, but she did really well and we were pleased to get her home each time. Her scans showed further improvement after these 2 rounds and we progressed to radiation at the end of August. Hollie completed 3 weeks of radiation, which really was the easy part of all of this. She didn’t suffer any side effects and has had a good month at home recovering. She still has some progress to make, but has started her first cycle of immunotherapy this week. We have 5 cycles to complete at this stage.

Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. It means the world to us not to worry about affording whatever Hollie needs at the moment and being able to reward both her and her brother, William, for their ongoing resilience and support for each other, they are both truly amazing.

(picture) Hollie meeting the pups from Canine Friends Pet Therapy at the Northern Health School

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    Guest Donor on 16 Jan 2020


    Thinking of you all. What a brave girl you are Hollie. All our best wishes. Jaimee & Nick


  • Sportco Ltd

    Sportco Ltd on 15 Jan 2020


    All our best wishes, from Jeff & the SPORTCO team.


  • Kim

    Kim on 14 Jan 2020


    best of luck to you.


  • Cushla & Keith Lewer

    Cushla & Keith Lewer on 13 Jan 2020



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    Guest Donor on 05 Jan 2020



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$35,492 donated

Given by 425 generous donors in over a year

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