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Help Guiliana (Jules) the Pomeranian x Chihuahua with NZ Chihuahua Rescue!

$3,095 donated
Given by 28 generous donors in around 6 months

Please help Guiliana (Jules) to continue to receive the treatments she needs!

Christchurch, Canterbury

Guiliana is pronounced "Julie-Ana". Also referred to as "Jules".

Juliana came to us on 23rd December 2021, after circumstances changed for Giuliana’s former owner. They are working 14 hour days and Jules hated being left alone. So much so, she began to destroy the house and surrendered.

When we met Jules, although sweet, it became obvious something was not right with her demeanour, despite the fact we were informed she had no medical issues.

Jules is a very complex and ill little dog….

Guiliana has severe panic and anxiety issues, that are (at least in part) contributed to by her untreated epilepsy for the past 9 years. We aren’t sure whether this lack of treatment has left her brain damaged beyond repair.

What are Jules medical issues?

Giuliana was first vet checked on 27/12/2021. Our vet notes:

1. Minor heart murmur.

2. Bloods show very minor elevated kidney enzymes. We be monitoring as she drinks a lot.

3. Pain and instability in hips.

4. Giuliana's former owner then disclosed that she has suffered from seizures since a puppy. One or two every few months. Our vet believes suffers from epilepsy.

5. Giuliana suffers from very high anxiety, frantic behaviour and pacing. She does not sleep or rest longer than 30mins at one time. This is not a normal level of stress or anxiety. We initially couldn’t be sure whether this is as a result of her surrender, pain or neurological abnormalities. She is prone to pacing, back and forth and anxious digging etc. We have put Guiliana on the Purina Pro Plan care sachets and the raw diet.

6. Giuliana needs to be spayed and unfortunately, we have found two mammary lumps on her chest, which need to be removed ASAP and sent for testing. High probability of mammary cancer being an unspayed bitch.

7. Jules will also need to be booked in to have her teeth cleaned and polished at a later date (“the cherry on top”).

How do we treat her / What does she need?

On 31/12/2021, Jules began a course of Valium to see whether this assisted the anxiety and neurological issues. Valium is also said to have a positive effect on any seizure activity. Jules also began wearing an Adaptil collar (Which lasts 4 weeks) and a thundershirt.

On 03/01/2022: Jules was sedated for her x-rays. We have confirmed she has a nasty case of hip dysplasia which will be causing her pain and contributing to her anxiety issues. We have begun Jules on Synovan (anti-inflammatory injections), Metacam and 4Cyte supplements to assist and manage her pain.

Jules has also been changed to Gabapentin to assist with her hip pain, epilepsy and anxiety. It seems to be having more of a positive effect than the Valium which has been discontinued.

Due to the fact Jules is in season - we ill have to delay her spay operation and removal of the mammary tumors. Her chest x-ray was clear which suggests the cancer has not metastasized.

Why do we need financial help?

New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue is a New Zealand Registered Charity run completely by volunteers. Nobody is paid to participate and 100% of the profits go back into the dogs in our care (and community dogs needing assistance).

We receive no public funding and many of the grants that may have been an option are declining or have remained “closed” due to covid.

Our entire income to assist these dogs is derived from YOUR kind donations, sponsorship and fundraising projects. We are always short of money and it impacts how many dogs we can assist aside from Jules!

We will need to raise money to fund her spay operation, mammary lump removal and testing, Gabapentin and pain medications, 4cyte and Synovan, specialist food and purina pro plan supplements, dental procedure, X-rays and examination under sedation, blood testing.

We have already spent over $700 on Jules in her first 1.5weeks of care! We will need your help to be able to help Jules. If you could help by donating to Giuliana's cause, all donations, small or large, help us to help her!


We want to give Jules the very best chance possible to live a happy, normal life. We did consider compassionate euthanasia due to her high anxiety affecting her quality of life. However, we feel that she has already been let down by humans for 9years and deserves the chance to live a happy, normal life. We feel we should give her the benefit of time and some pharmaceutical options we have up our sleeves.

Already - On the combination of Gabapentin and Metacam, we are seeing a huge difference in her. Jules’ personality is finally shining through. She is a sweet, friendly, quiet little dog who loves to be held and pet. She just wants what every dog wants, to be loved and adored as a pet!

We hope that we will be able to continue to work with her to ensure she becomes healthy enough to either be adopted or join our forever foster team and live a happy life. Jules deserves the chance!

About us

New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue ("NZCR") is a registered Charitable Trust (CC55119) founded in 2017 after a need for a rescue dedicated specifically to the re-homing of Chihuahuas (and Chihuahua crosses) was identified.

Use of funds

Anything Jules needs - spay operation, mammary lump removal and testing, Gabapentin and pain medications, 4cyte and Synovan, specialist food and purina pro plan supplements, dental procedure, X-rays and examination under sedation, blood testing

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Latest donations

Rosie & Millie
Rosie & Millie on 03 May 2022
My dog adoption anniversary today so passing on some love to the trust that rescued her and is continuing to help little dogs.
Jessie on 27 Jan 2022
Feel better soon Jules
Vanessa on 09 Jan 2022
Please email tax receipt
Tanith on 08 Jan 2022
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 07 Jan 2022

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