Peaches Medical Fund: Ongoing costs for a brain damaged rescue dog making a miraculous recovery!

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Funding the ongoing and life saving medical care that has already restored Peaches' vision!

Christchurch, Canterbury

**There are currently two different pages for Peaches, please find the other page here:**

Peaches is a stray Chihuahua suffering from an incredibly serious (but treatable) brain condition. Peaches is brave and strong, she has surpassed vet expectations and continues making a steady recovery.

We welcomed Peaches on 3 June 2023 to Christchurch by plane. We were shocked to discover Peaches arrived with no vision and was "circling" relentlessly. However, after a series of consults, we proceeded with some preliminary tests advised by vets then leading to a diagnosis of Meningoencephalitis ("MUE"). Essentially Peaches' immune system was attacking her brain causing inflammation.

While scary to watch and incredibly serious, we learnt with the right treatment symptoms can improve (or reverse!) but it has been a tough, expensive journey.

Peaches is surpassing vet expectations - she has her vision back, learnt commands, been crate trained and improved a lot. But we need a little help to ensure we can meet her ongoing costs.

This Page funded her initial MRI and diagnostics in June 2023, alongside her nasal x-rays and procedure. Plus ongoing costs such as: repeat bloods (3-weekly), physio, vet consults, daily medications, Cytarabine infusions (3-weekly) plus anything else she needs to live happily in foster care.

**** PLEASE NOTE: we are limited characters-wise here so please see her full profile on our website and regular updates on our social media. For photos and videos demonstrating the HUGE impact your donations have!

About us

New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue ("NZCR") is a registered Charitable Trust (CC55119) founded in 2017 after a need for a rescue dedicated specifically to the re-homing of Chihuahuas (and Chihuahua crosses) was identified.

Use of funds

Peaches vet consults, neurologist consults, diagnostics (ie. bloods, ultrasound, MRI), any pain or other meds required, anything the vets advise that Peaches needs. Any surplus donated to the other rescue dogs of the charity.

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June 2024 - Peaches update!  5 June 2024

We are continuing to raise funds via Peaches' Givealittle page in order continue her progress and to seek further support for her ongoing medical costs. Since we first introduced Peaches, she has shown remarkable progress, surpassing all expectations. However, her condition requires a lot of financial and medical support to ensure she continues to get well (and ideally enters remission!) we need your help to ensure she receives the funding to afford the care she needs to thrive.

Since we first opened Peaches' page, there have been several significant developments in her care and progress. Initially, Peaches arrived with no vision and exhibited constant circling, but with the dedicated efforts of our veterinary team and the generous support from donors, Peaches has regained her vision and improved significantly in her overall health. She has learned commands, been crate trained, and continues to show her playful and affectionate personality.

Peaches still requires her ongoing treatments - the Cytarabine infusions every three weeks, plus daily medications, ongoing vet consultations and regular bloods. We are also fundraising for the next critical step in her journey.

Your continued support is crucial for Peaches' to continue her recovery and regaining her quality of life. Please visit her profile on our website for more information and to see the incredible impact your donations have made. We are so thankful to everyone who has supported Peaches to make it this far!

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All the best dear little Peaches !
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