Peaches CT, Spinal Tap and Spay Fundraiser!

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Fundraising for a stray rescue dog who needs your help for her next steps on her journey!

Christchurch, Canterbury

Peaches, a brave foster dog has made so much progress. Once a critically ill stray - she owes her life to her kind and generous supporters!

However Peaches' path to recovery has brought significant financial challenges for our small rescue - we now face daunting expenses for the next step in her medical journey and have opened this page specifically for that purpose.

What does Peaches need?

Her specialists are happy with her progress and stability. They advise she now needs A CT scan and CSF (spinal tap) as soon as we can fundraise for it.


This will enable the vets to reduce (or eliminate) some of her medications, as the dose she’s on now isn’t sustainable long term without organ damage. She could’ve reached remission! But we acannot risk all this progress to date, by withdrawing the medications too early either! Hence the tests for updated information.

The outcome of these tests will significantly influence her treatment plan and hopefully improve her quality of life moving forward with less meds needed. We can also start to plan for her long term future and even possible adoption!


To complete the CT scan and CSF (plus hospitalisation, sedation etc) it will be $5464 - 6272. To include bloods, a skin biopsy and spay (taking advantage of the anaesthetic on the day). The estimate becomes: $7708 - 9066.

* To contribute to peaches ongoing medical costs page, please see her ongoing costs fundraiser page here:

About us

New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue ("NZCR") is a registered Charitable Trust (CC55119) founded in 2017 after a need for a rescue dedicated specifically to the re-homing of Chihuahuas (and Chihuahua crosses) was identified.

Use of funds

CT Scan, CSF test, medication on the day, vet and nurse fees, imaging reports, after hours fee if needed. If able - spay, skin biopsy of ear lesions, bloodwork.

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May 2024 Update - Where is Miss Peaches at with it all?  13 May 2024

Hi all,

Thank you for your lovely messages and donations to Peaches! P is doing well post-spay. Although she was grumpy and her skin was super fragile - we managed to get her through without infection or any other issues popping up! This is awesome for her as her hormones now won't affect her ongoing cognitive progress.

Peaches still requires a lot of expensive meds - She is onto her 16th infusion now! We would LOVE to move onto lowering her medications but before we can do this - we desperately need to get the CT and spinal tap completed prior (to ensure we don't send her back in to remission by doing this too early). A spinal tap well help to know if infection remains in her spinal cord.

In June 2024 she will have been with us a full year. When looking back on that year - her progress is outstanding and we are so hopeful for her future. Thank you to everyone who has been there right along the way - with your support and donations.

Please don't forget to check out our social media for regular updates, photos and videos of this special little lady, just living her best life (thanks to you).


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Charlotte 2 days ago
Guest Donor
Guest Donor 3 days ago
Carla on 09 Jun 2024
Good luck peaches..x
Genevieve & Freddy
Genevieve & Freddy on 09 May 2024
The name, peaches, won me over. My son freddy 9, and I sing the song Peaches - from Mario brothers movie. If she’s ever adoptable, we could be very keen x
Clementina on 24 Apr 2024

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