Givealittle is used by thousands of New Zealanders every day. Make sure your charity is not missing out on being seen!

Charities benefit from a Givealittle organisation profile in a number of ways:

  1. Receive donations easily
  2. Benefit from peer-2-peer fundraisers

    The most convincing calls to donate come from a person’s friends and family. Givealittle provides the tools people need to share fundraising missions with their friends, and if you’re on Givealittle, they can choose to support your organisation!

  3. Gather support for projects and appeals

    Get the word out about your annual appeal or a fancy new project using a Givealittle event page.

  4. Receive donations from users events and teams

    If your organisation is set up with Givealittle, fundraisers can choose to support you when they do a sponsored marathon or zany challenge.

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