Fundraiser pages

Fundraiser pages are created by individuals, groups, or businesses who want to fundraise in support of your charity.

Features and Functionality

  • Fundraiser pages are linked to your Campaign, Organisation Page, or Event page. Supporters can fundraise for you at any time, without having to come to you for setup or payment instructions.
  • Our auto-populated Fundraiser Templates can do most of the work for them, making it super easy for participants to fundraise for you - Templates are only a function on Event Pages.
  • You can see the total that each of your supporters has raised for you on their pages, and the total tallies up on the page they are fundraising for.
  • Access a detailed breakdown of all your fundraising page’s totals with our automatically generated payment advice reports, or anytime with a CSV via My Givealittle.
  • Like all Givealittle pages, Fundraisers are optimised for mobile viewing, as around 80% of donors are on mobile devices.
  • We automatically send receipts to all donors. freeing you and your supporters up to do what you do best.
  • We will notify you via email that a page has been set up for you, and you can check it out it as well as contacting the fundraiser to offer thanks and/or support.
  • Custom thank you messages entered by the Charity, and our coaching tips are automatically sent by Givealittle to your fundraisers for every page they make.

Check out a fundraiser page: Kate's O'very Long Walk


  • Motivate your supporters to fundraise for the charity by doing a cool challenge and nominating their friends! Think 50 burpees-a-day for June challenge, “Dry July”, jumping jacks marathon, mountain climbs, hikes etc.
  • Donations in lieu of birthday giving
  • donations instead of wedding gifts, or in memoriam - the possibilities are endless.

How Your Supporters Create a Fundraiser Page

It's really easy - they can be up and running in minutes. If you will be creating an Event, our auto-populated Template functionality can make it even easier for your fundraisers/participants.
How people can start fundraising for you on Givealittle:

  • They select Fundraise/Participate from your campaign, Event, or Organisation page.
  • They select Raise Funds from the banner-menu on our website, then search for you in “Beneficiary Details” section of page creation.

See Detailed How-To Directions for Setting Up a Fundraiser Page