Thinking of hosting your annual marathon, mud run, sky dive, challenge, or even virtual event? Think of the event page as the central hub of this Event, where all participant's pages are linked to it, and it tallies up the total amount raised in one place.

People will be able to search for your event on Givealittle, and it will also be featured in our "Events on Now" section.


Event Page Features

  • No cost to get started, and ZERO hidden fees: Givealittle is a registered charity, we are NZ owned and operated, have the lowest fee around, and only charge to be sustainable! We do not charge the donor, or any additional monthly subscription.

  • Donor and Fundraiser database CSV is easy to access anytime via My Givealittle Transactions, and can be filtered, or simply integrated into your CRM.

  • Teams Functionality with Leaderboard Optionally activate the Teams function on your Event page if different groups will be competing or joining forces to raise much needed funds! With this option, Individuals can still participate who are not connected to Team.

  • Pre-populated Template functionality for participants. Make it even easier for participants to fundraise. Contact us if you would like a template for your event!

  • Communicate easily with your fundraising participants and/or donors all at once to encourage and thank them with the “Page Update” functionality.

  • Detailed Reporting will be automatically sent to you with every payment. We provide a downloadable report via My Givealittle showing a detailed breakdown of the payment, including which pages funds came from, donor details, and more.

  • Track participant's progress: Generate a detailed list of participants anytime showing details like their contact email, page URL, how much they have raised, and more.

  • QR Code generator: Embed on posters at your Event. Using this function closes the gap between an in-person event to your online Givealittle pages.

  • Widgets: embed your Event page or participants pages straight onto your website. Think of these as a window to your Givealittle page that increases the visibility, makes it easy to donate and shows fundraising total!

  • Easy to join in: participants need only click "Join in and Fundraise" or "Fundraise" to join your event. Setting up the page takes only a few minutes, and is really straightforward.

  • Automatically generated receipts sent to donors by Givealittle - let us do that part for you!

  • Easy donor engagement: Use our comment function to personally thank each donor. Your message is visible on the page, and we automatically send an email with your message.

  • Custom Thank You and Sign Up messages are sent to each donor/participant automatically by us, you just enter it during page creation!

  • Automatic coaching emails: we automatically send helpful coaching emails to page owners who opt in when they hit certain milestones. These remind them to share, and provide tips to help them succeed

  • Optimised for mobile viewing: around 80% of donors are on mobile devices. We take care of the technical side of things, freeing you up to do what you do best.

Check out our Event Page FAQ'S or contact our customer support team to discuss how we can help with your specific Event requirements.