Landing Page

This is a page on Givealittle which gathers together an unlimited number of Givealittle related pages and displays them on one screen. Mainly designed for the needs of charities who have lots of people fundraising on their behalf.

Landing Pages are customisable, and bespoke to your needs, offering an experience for your donors and supporters that feels like being on your own website.

Lots of hands reaching into the middle of a circle


  • If you have lots of supporters with pages on Givealittle, all of the pages can be gathered together on a Landing Page so you can promote it more easily; one URL instead of several.
  • If you're a school with dozens of classrooms fundraising towards a collective total.
  • If your charity has regional branches registered on Givealittle, one Landing Page can display all regions making it really easy for people to find your page, donate, or fundraise for all of them at once
  • If you have several different campaigns going on you can give people one place to find them all

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