Legal fund for Nicky Hager

Statement from Spark Foundation – Legal fund for Nicky Hager

In reference to the Givealittle page started by Meg Bates for Nicky Hager’s legal fees, the Spark Foundation, as owner of, wishes to clarify the site’s current policy regarding moderation of fundraising causes. is provided as a neutral, zero fees crowdfunding platform for the fundraising needs of any New Zealander or New Zealand-based organisation.

Givealittle pages are not endorsed or judged on a merit basis by the Spark Foundation.

Pages are moderated by the Givealittle service team according to a content management policy and a standard code of conduct.

Moderation of a page includes, but is not limited to, checks on legality of fundraising, clear representation of the need for funds being raised and being within the bounds of good taste and decency. Donor validation requires that any page receive three donations from three independent parties before it is visible in the search or browse functions of the platform. There are also systems and processes in place to verify the identity of individuals and organisations using the platform to donate and fundraise.

While we acknowledge strong public opinion and debate on issues related to Nicky Hager and recent events reported in the media, it is important to note that it is not illegal for an individual to establish a fund for Nicky Hager and seek donations from the public.

Fundamental to the philosophy of is a donor’s right to chose and we believe strongly that an individual’s decision to donate to any Givealittle page should be free of undue influence from and the Spark Foundation on a values or judgement basis.

We encourage all interested parties who have reported this page to the Givealittle helpdesk to participate in the public debate around this fundraising and express views through various online news and social media.