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Your generosity allows us to continue our work rescuing and desexing the stray and unwanted street cats of Dunedin

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Animal Rescue Network New Zealand (ARNNZ) is based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

In January 2015 ARNNZ was formed by a small group of Dunedin residents who had seen the need for for someone to begin to help the stray and abandoned street cats of Dunedin.  We became a charitable trust in June 2015, and since then we have desexed and rehomed hundreds of kittens which would otherwise have been left to breed uncontrollably. 

ARNNZ is committed to reducing the stray cat overpopulation using two approaches:

1. TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return), kittens under the age of 8 weeks can be socialised and re-homed.

2.  Educating the community about the consequences of not de-sexing their pets.

ARNNZ relies on donations to carry out this work and we do this without any premises.  All of our rescues are fostered in private homes by volunteers.

The Trust is committed, in attaining its purposes, to:

Maintain a no-kill policy in which no animal will be killed unless he/she is suffering or will be suffering and veterinary care cannot prevent the suffering.

Carry out its work without exploiting animals of any species. 

Ensure that every animal rescued and re-homed by the Trust is either desexed before adoption or that the adoptive family receives assistance to desex.

Work cooperatively with individuals and organisations in the animal welfare, animal rescue/desexing advocacy area.

More about us

ARNZ is a registered charity dedicated to helping the stray and abandoned cats living on the streets of Dunedin. Along with our dedicated team of volunteers we rescue, rehabilitate, desex and rehome hundreds of cats and kittens each year.

We promote desexing of companion and stray cats, and aim to reduce the number of stray and unwanted cats in Dunedin. Our long-term aim is to have our own shelter but in the meantime, all our rescues are fostered in private homes by volunteers until they are ready for their forever homes.

Use of funds

Funds raised will be used for the continuation of our work, including: Desexing, emergency treatment, vaccinations, equipment such as crates and traps, and resources such as litter and food.

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    Amy on 22 Mar 2018



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    Jan Landmann on 21 Mar 2018


    Gift donation in the name of my sister Jan Landmann of Dunedin. Thank you for your work, from Douglas Christmann of USA.


  • Jen 🐹

    Jen 🐹 on 11 Mar 2018


    You guys do incredible work.


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    Mary <3 on 28 Feb 2018



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