Common questions about Givealittle

Fundraising and Crowdfunding

Can I create a page?

Yes! Givealittle is for all New Zealanders including individuals, groups of mates, businesses, charities, clubs, schools and community groups. You can use Givealittle for a cause that's important to you, whether it’s to raise funds for your dog, a great opportunity or someone that you care about - there are so many reasons you can start a Givealittle Page. Funds just need to be paid to a New Zealand bank account. Learn more here.

What is Moderation and Donor Validation and how do I get it?

Moderation is completed by Givealittle - One of our team members will review the page to ensure it complies with Givealittle Terms and will be in touch if we have any questions or more information is needed. A confirmation email will be sent when your page has been moderated.

Donor Validation is completed by you - You need to get 3 donations from different people on your page and it will be donor validated. To kickstart the donor validation process, we suggest making a donation to your page and then sharing the link with two supporters.

Once your Givealittle page is Moderated and Donor Validated, it will appear in the Givealittle search results. Givealittle doesn't make any judgement on what a page is for but these steps ensure the content is appropriate to be publicly displayed within the search results on the site.

How do I promote my page?

Don't be shy about spreading the word to your friends and family. The more people who visit your page, the more success you will have. A huge amount of Givealittle page traffic is referred from social media sites. You'll find buttons on your Givealittle page to share the link to your page on Facebook, Twitter and email. Posting regular updates on your fundraising progress and thanking donors is a great way to engage people. You may like to ask your supporters to also promote your page via their social media channels. If you don't use social media, email is a useful tool to spread the word about your page and to request support. And you may like to get in touch with local media if you think your story has a great angle.

When are funds paid out?

Our Standard Payment process is that funds raised in a particular month are paid out the month following, between the 20-25th.  e.g. Donations raised between 1st-31st January are paid out between the 20-25th February. Full terms can be viewed here. In instances when funds are needed sooner, our team deal with these a case by case basis and additional information and documentation will be required.

Why didn't I receive the donation amount I expected?

This is most likely because of when the donations were made. Funds raised in a particular month are paid out the month following, between the 20-25th.  e.g. Donations raised between 1st-31st January are paid out between the 20-25th February and so on. Givealittle also has a flat 5% (GST inclusive) fee on the amount raised so that could also be the reason for the difference. Your payment advice emailed to you when the payment run is made provides more details.  

How can I get my page on the homepage?

Pages displayed on the homepage are trending pages and is automated to display pages receiving a high number of donations within a period of time. We do not choose - and don't want to! Much too hard for us to decide given all the great pages out there.

Someone has nominated me as a Payee. What do I do now?

You should have received an email from us, telling you that you're a Payee.  Using the email address that it came to, Register or Log On to My Givealittle and complete your Verification details. Remember, the Payee details provided need to match the name of the person stated on the page.

How do I enter Verification Details?  How about my bank details?

Click here to complete your Payee details. (If you have not registered already you will be prompted to do that first.)
Fill out all sections on the screen, including your Identity details, address and bank account information.

If you created a page for someone else, you would have been asked to enter their name and email address.  They will receive an email and be guided through the verification process in order to receive funds.

A page can be created and receive donations without the payee being verified, but no funds will be paid until verification is complete.  

My verification is pending. How do I become verified?

If you've completed the required verification details and still haven't been verified after 5 days, please contact the team at helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz.

Why is there a service fee?

The 5% service fee is to cover some of Givealitte’s running costs such as payment processing and website hosting costs as well as customer service, website development, security and compliance. We do not make a profit because the fee does not cover all of the costs, the Spark Foundation continues to makes significant contribution to keep all the Givealittle goodness going. Donors have the option to pay some or all of the 5% fundraiser fee via a voluntary top-up donation.

What are the specs for images on my page?

For hero images (the main image on your page) the aspect ratio is 4:3 and an image size of at least 1600x1200 pixels is recommended. For profile images, the aspect ratio is 1:1 and we suggest an image size of at least 640x640 pixels.

Can I change my goal?

It depends on the page but in most cases it's possible. Please email helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz with your page link and let us know what you'd like the goal to be.

How do I close my page?

Log into your My Givealittle account and go to your page. Head to the top right hand side and select Advanced Settings. Tick the box 'I want to close this page now' and click the green Update button.


Donating & Pledging

How do I get a copy of the receipt for my donation?

You'll be emailed a receipt after you are charged for a donation or your pledge converts to a donation. If you cannot find your receipt that was emailed, you can get a copy by logging into MyGivealittle (or registering) and click on Transactions - Donations Given and then the Receipt number you want a copy of.

How can I tell if my donation will be eligible for a tax credit?

Donations are eligible for a tax credit only if they've been made to a verified payee with Donee Tax Status. If your donation is eligible for a tax credit, you should have been emailed a Donation Tax Receipt issued in the name of the Spark Foundation (which owns Givealittle). Your Donation Tax Receipt can then be used to claim a donation tax credit with IRD.

Can I give anonymously?

Yes, you can opt to donate as a Guest and keep your name hidden. You can also opt to hide your donation amount. Should you need to do this after you have made your donation, click here to go to your donation history by using the ‘more detail’ you can make amendments eg hide amount, edit comment or mark as anonymous. Please note, you need to be registered with MyGivealittle in order to do this.

What is a top-up donation?

Top-up donations are an optional, supplementary donation given by a Donor to contribute directly towards the 5% service fee levied to fundraisers on Givealittle. The top-up donation is completely optional.

What are the different donation options?

Donations are immediate with the value charged to your credit card, debit card, bank account or My Givealittle Account at the time of transaction. Pledges made to Project pages (all or nothing type page) and are only drawn against when the target is reached. If the target is not reached before the page closes, your credit/debit card is not charged. Some banks may show the pledge as an authorisation or charge on your account - this is not something that Givealittle can control. Givealittle Plan enables you to make regular donations via two options. Regular Giving using a Credit/Debit Card or Payroll Giving which deducts donations directly from your payroll. See here for more information

How do I make a donation?

Simply click the Donate button on any active page. You can donate using a credit card, debit card, Internet Banking, your Member Balance or your Givealittle Plan. Click here to learn more about creating a Givealittle Plan. 

Can people overseas donate?

Yes. However we do only accept Visa or Mastercards that are issued in certain countries. Should an overseas person have trouble donating, they should contact us at helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz letting us know what card type they are using and what country their card has been issued from.

Can I cancel a donation or pledge?

Once you have made a donation it cannot be cancelled. If you have a concern about a donation, contact helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz

What is the minimum donation or pledge amount?

The minimum is $1 and there is no maximum!



How can I contact the team at Givealittle?

Email helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz with your contact details, a quick overview of what you want to talk about to and any page links if relevant and we will get in touch.

Does Givealittle screen pages?

Although we don’t determine what is a good or worthy page, we do take steps to provide donor confidence. Once a new Givealittle page is created, it becomes eligible to receive donations or pledges from all those who visit it via a direct page link.  However, all new pages need to pass our moderation process to ensure it complies with our Terms and is set up in the best possible way. A new page is only searchable by the public if it is moderated and donor validation. It is the donor’s right to choose if they deem the cause to be worthy and wish to donate. Everyone is different!

What should I do if I've received harmful communications on Givealittle?

If you're subject to a harmful communication from an individual on Givealittle (e.g., this could be through the Q&A section on the Givealittle page) you can get in touch with Givealittle and let us know. Please email helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz with a link to the page in question and what communications you have received. For more information on the Harmful Digital Communications Act (HDCA), please visit our Terms section.

Is Givealittle safe?

Givealittle ensures your personal and financial information is kept secure at all times. See our Terms for further details. We do not keep credit card information for any donations made on the site as we use a third-party platform Payment Express to manage credit/debit card and internet banking payments. Credit/Debit card and Internet Banking transactions are subject to the policies and terms defined by Payment Express, and beyond any obligations as a merchant which we are not able to exclude, we assume no responsibility for such transactions. Payment Express' privacy policy can be found here.

Does Givealittle have vouchers or gift cards?

Yes, Givealittle vouchers make a fantastic gift!  Givealittle e-vouchers can be redeemed against any page accepting donations at Givealittle.co.nz - thousands of options! For large orders we can provide a file of voucher codes allowing you to develop your own format by printing the codes in cards or distributing via SMS or email. To learn more about this option contact vouchers@givealittle.co.nz

Can I advertise on Givealittle?

No, because you can do much better things with Givealittle than just advertising! We’re always keen to work with brands that would like to add 'doing a little good' to their promotions. If you’d like to hear the great ideas we have in this space, get in touch with marketing@givealittle.co.nz.


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