Keep in touch with social media

The creation of a connection between a Donor or Pledger and the page they support is one of the wonderful things about crowdfunding. If a person’s attention is captured by the things you post on social media, they’re likely to care about your mission.

We also know from experience that Social Media is the most effective way you can spread the word about your campaign. Keep sharing your page to remind your network that donations are still needed and encourage them to spread the word to their network too.

If you aren't already active on social media, now's the time

There are quite a few options these days. With over 3 million users in New Zealand it's hard to go past Facebook. But you need to think about what media your friends are active on, maybe Instagram, X (Twitter), Reddit, or TikTok are a better fit for you.

Also, don't forget the power of video (and the ease of uploading video from you phone) - maybe a Youtube channel would work for you. There are lots of articles online telling you how to get started.

Don't feel you need to be on all these sites, but having at least one using it to connect and share can help your Givealittle page succeed!

Isn’t this what Givealittle’s Page Update tool is for?

Not quite! Page Updates on Givealittle are sent out to the people who have already donated to your page and can be viewed by curious people once they get to your page. These Page Updates from Givealittle are special because they are a direct connection with your strongest supporters, they deserve to get special updates and see the great things first, because they’ve helped them happen!

How to post from your page

How to Post from a Desktop machine

  1. Go to your Givealittle page
  2. Find the "Share" button on the right-hand side and click it. Screen shot of Share Button
  3. Select Facebook or X from the list and follow the prompts to post. Screen shot of Share Menu

How to post from your page on mobile devices

Posting on a mobile device gives you many more options because it links to your device's sharing functionality.

  1. Go to your Givealittle page
  2. Click the "Share" button at the bottom, beside the "Donate" button and you will be linked into the native sharing functions of your phone - you can post from there to any social media apps you have installed.

Keep it coming

Social media, on other hand, is your voice to the world. Your followers will include many people who like you, or what you do, but might not have contributed to your fundraising yet. This doesn’t mean that telling them about it is pointless! Keep sharing your page with them, because it’s not only the money that counts - they may be able to help you in other ways.

The value of retweets & shares

When you put a message out on social media such as Facebook or X, your friends and followers have the option to repost your content to their own profile. This can connect you to different people who might not have seen your cause or project yet. Hopefully they’ll notice their friends liking your page and want to know what’s up.

People will repost what you’ve shared for two big reasons:

  1. They think it’s relevant to people they know.
  2. They think it says something about themselves.

If a friend of yours shares your content, it’s their way of saying to their friends “Look at this awesome thing I’m supporting!”

Talk about your Givealittle page in a way that makes it sound awesome, important, or something to be proud to support. If you’re hoping they’ll share the images you post, make sure they’re good too!

What should you post?

Anything you like! People who like your page care about you and your cause would love to know more about you and what’s going on.

  • Share a photo of yourself or the person that’s being fundraised for.
  • Upload a video to say hello or show something new.
  • Post a link to media coverage, or something you’ve found that you think is relevant to your cause.