Keep in touch with Givealittle Page Updates

Page Updates appear on the page and get emailed to subscribed donors.

They are a great way to thank you supporters by letting them see how much good their donation has done. Everybody likes a happy ending!

For longer term pages, Page Updates also keep people in touch with you and your journey and encourage them to share your page with other people to build on your success. They give a page a feeling of dynamism - rather than being page of a static information about what you do, it can let people know what you have been up to.

And they aren't limited to text - use photos and videos to bring things to life and connect with your supporters.

Your supporters can also comment on page updates, so it's not all one-way.

Who will see a Page Update?

When you Publish a Page Update it immediately goes live under the Updates tab on your Givealittle page. At the same time a message is sent to our Helpdesk Team, who check it out and then send it on to all the donors who have subscribed to updates when they made their donation.

So anyone viewing your page can check out all your page updates at any time; and donors who have subscribed will get a special email drawing their attention to your new post.

Where do I go to create one?

To create a page update right now click here. You'll be taken to a listing of all your pages. Select "Updates".


  1. Log in.
  2. Go to your Givealittle page.
  3. From the page-owner menu, at the top left of the page, select Manage Updates
  4. On the Page Update Management screen select Create a New Update:

What do I put in a Page Update?

Anything you like - e.g. Messages of thanks for support so far; An update on your progress; More background infomation or links to other websites; A request to forward your page URL to their friends (a Page Update gets emailed to people who have already donated, they want you to succeed and will probably be happy to have another way to supprt you).

The Page Update screen itself is pretty straight forward, you don't have to have an image but we recommend you do - it makes it more interesting and helps tell your story.

You may choose to have minimal text and link to a video update instead.

If you need time to think about it or craft your message you can Save for Later and come back any time.

Once you select Post Update your message will go live on your page and be forwarded to our Helpdesk for moderation and emailing to donors who have subscribed.