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Memorial Plaque for Thomas the Blind Goose

$575 of $700 goal
Given by 9 generous donors in around 3 months

We would appreciate your help in purchasing a plaque for Thomas the Blind Goose to go next to Henry (his mate) at the memorial in Waikanae.


Our beloved blind goose Thomas sadly passed away on the 6th of Feb 2018.

At almost 40 years of age, it was safe to say that he had a full and amazing life. He touched the hearts of many and for years and years his name will continue to be spoken and the wonderful story told.

While we have cared for, loved and cherished him in recent years, Tom originally befriended and made a name for himself with the lovely residents of the Waimanu Lagoon who watched over him for more than 25 + years.

Thomas became a favourite after segregating himself from the other geese in the area and instead choosing a black swan named Henry as his life-long mate. Even when Henry found a swan mate (Henrietta) this didn't stop Thomas from staying true and loyal and even playing "uncle" to their cygents when hatched!

Thomas came into the care of WBRT in 2013 to 'retire' after having a series of health issues and becoming blind in one eye (eventually leading to both).

We have loved having him as a part of the WBRT Family and and have treated him with extra special love and care! He lived for corn on the cob and if it wasn't there when we put him back into his house at night, he was not happy! He helped foster a couple of broods of cygnets along the way (for nostalgic reasons and boy, did he do a good job!) as well as making other blind bird friends to spend his days with.

The loss of Thomas was hard hitting news but we knew the life he did live had meaning, purpose and was lived to the fullest! We said goodbye in the best way we knew how.

At his home of Waimanu Lagoon, bagpipes were played as a group of 60+ lead Thomas to his grave next to Henry.

Pinky Agnew had kindly written a poem and epitah which was read out and other kind words were spoken from those who loved him dearly...

Our hope is to have a plaque made, in tribute to his wonderful life, which will be placed next to Henrys current memorial and will read Pinkys words:

True love is blind, as we all know

To colour, to creed or to race

True love does not know boundaries

Just the rightness of a lover’s embrace.

Here in peaceful Waimanu Lagoon

Thomas and Henry created a family

Some say a big gay rainbow arched above

I say, they just did what came naturally.

Like all great lovers, they paired for life.

And their time here on earth is now done

But above us, around us, their descendants abound

And somewhere Henry and Thomas are one.


Here lies Thomas, the great-hearted goose,

Nestled near Henry, in their final roost,

Here where they raised young, and found sanctuary,

Somewhere above us, these great souls fly free.

© Pinky Agnew 2018

We have already recieved amazing donations up to NZD$400 however to complete this plaque will be looking to raise at least NZD$700 in order to achieve the overall cost of NZD$1000 +

Any additional donations will be put towards completion of our hospital pens. (See other page)

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We are a charity that takes in sick, injured and orphaned birds for care. We get no government or institutional funding and rely 100% on donations and volunteers to run our charity.

Use of funds

The funds will go towards the purchase of a memorial plaque in tribute to Thomas's life

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Latest donations

Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 07 Apr 2018
Robin and Ruben
Robin and Ruben on 09 Mar 2018
Celebrating Thomas' Love, Loyalty, Acceptance. An inspiration to us all.
Jemima's on 05 Mar 2018
Rest gently after your hard work.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 04 Mar 2018
Jackie and Grant
Jackie and Grant on 04 Mar 2018

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This campaign started on 21 Feb 2018 and ended on 21 May 2018.