Event and activity ideas to promote your fundraising

The best place to start sharing your page is online, because you can include a link to your page so it's easy for people to click through and find out more - so make sure you check out our tips for getting the word out and our tips for social media.

But sometimes you need to raise the profile of your page a bit and get the attention of people who don't hang out on social media. As well as on-line methods for promoting your page, how about trying:


  • Local newspapers (which often have online versions that picked up by national sites).
  • If you're fundraising for a charity, they may have a newsletter they could feature your page in.
  • School newsletters.
  • Club newsletters.

Posters and flyers

  • Print out the QR code for your page and post it around town - e.g. the library, the local store, school or work. (A QR code is a barcode smartphones can read - people just point their phone camera at the QR code and click through to your Givealittle page.)


Make a sign with your Givealittle page link information on it (don't forget to include a QR code so people can link to your page easliy) and take it along when you:

  • Go busking.
  • Hold a fundraising Sausage Sizzle.
  • Have a cake stall.
  • Make a world record attempt at something crazy.
  • Host a morning tea at work.
  • Participate in an event wearing a T-shirt with your page name on it.​

Donation Matching

Consider building a promotional campaign around the Donation Matching feature on Givealittle. Donation matching to gamifies donor's giving and rewards them with the knowledge that their donation has had double the impact. It's primarily aimed at charity and corporate campaigns, but anybody can use it. Matching funds could come from one generous source or perhaps a group of donors could club together. Find out more about matching here.