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Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Street Appeal

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Raising funds for our bunnies, guinea pigs, pigeons and other small animals to live cage free in a predator free space

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We need your help!

The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Ōtaki is running its third street appeal on Friday 21st December between 7am and 7pm. However, we understand that there are people outside of Wellington that wish to help. This is why we have set up an online fundraiser, running parallel to the street appeal, for all you great people who want to help but can't make it.

Our goal is to raise around $5000 to build a predator free paddock. This will be a large enclosed area in which the bunnies, guinea pigs, flightless pigeons, and other small animals can live in complete safety and freedom. This investment will massively improve the quality of life of these animals and allow them to be cage free.

Please share this event far and wide, and if you are in the area, look out for our collectors in their cow, pig and chicken onesies on Friday 21st December!

If you are in Wellington and wish to help on the day, please get in contact our appeal coordinator Clare Gillard at to sign up.

Use of Funds:

The money will fund the predator free paddock project. Any surplus money will be used towards our other outgoings such as vet bills, animal food and bedding.

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“I’m so sorry couldn’t join the street appeal last Friday.Thank you for everything you did for the animal friends.Merry Christmas!Have a awesome holiday!:)”
“Thanks for all your hard work taking care of animals”
“A #nzsecretsantasubstitute donation, on behalf of Sarah Wedde.”
“All the best with this fundraiser!”
“Merry Christmas guys - thanks for all the wonderful work you do! Hope you managed to get the full amount to build the paddock - what an awesome idea!”
  • $753.00 donated
  • 23 generous donors

$753 donated



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