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We are raising money to help cover the cost and medical bills of the neglected lambs we urgently rescued.


It's been very busy past week for us, rescuing four neglected lambs that would all have died without our intervention.

We are raising money to help cover their cost and medical bills - any help you can give by donating or sharing this post would be much appreciated!

Their heartbreaking story:

We saw 6 lambs in a neighbours paddock close to our sanctuary, and after driving past several times we noticed they needed urgent care. We immediately contacted the owner alerting them to the condition and health of their lambs, with the promise they would arrange a vet visit. One lamb had already passed away. The next day we saw one of the lambs condition had worsened further and took it straight to the vet. The lamb unfortunately had to be euthanised under welfare grounds.

The other lambs however did not improve and continued rapidly to go down hill . We couldn't bare to see the other four have the same fate as their two friends and urgently took them into our care. Two of the lambs we rescued couldn't walk, one had fly strike and overall they were underweight and in very bad health. They had not had adequate parasite treatment or vaccinations. Lambs this age are particularly prone to Pulpy Kidney (can be vaccinated against) and intestinal worms, both if which if not treated will almost certainly lead to death.

We nursed them all through the night for 3 nights and gave them necessary treatments and pain relief. We re-contacted the owner and explained the lambs would have died if we hadn't acted. We did not want to return the sick lambs to the owner after all our hard work and love - and we wanted them to be able to live out a natural life without eventually being eaten.

Despite all our loving care and nursing one of the little lambs just wasn't strong enough and unfortunately passed away. We are all devastated.

We have a policy of not paying for animals as we do not want our money used within the farming industry or any practices we do not agree with. We took these lambs into our care as an emergency and after talking to the previous owner, we arranged with him that these lamb would be able to stay with us if we paid him $400. So far Kate, one of the founders of the Sanctuary, has paid for the lambs with her personal money, but we would like to reimburse her plus fundraise towards their medical costs.

We are asking for your help to raise $500, which will cover their purchase and their medical bills. Any surplus money raised would go towards all the other animals we help here at the Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary.

We are very sad that not all the lambs made it. From not being vaccinated or wormed in time, these lambs suffered a lot. Please make sure when you take on an animal that you can supply them with the medical help necessary - if you don't know then please contact your local veterinary practice. All animals need regular parasite treatments and regular health checks.

Follow the link below to our Give a Little page which will direct you on how to donate.

Please donate if you can and share this post far and wide!!

Thank you so so much, from everyone at the black sheep animal sanctuary.

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The Black Sheep supports animal rights and animal protection, providing a safe haven for over 200 previously abused, injured and neglected animals (pigs, goats, sheep, roosters, cows, horses, ducks, geese, rabbits, turkeys and more) near Ōtaki Forks.

Use of funds

The funds will go towards the cost of the lambs and their medical care. Any surplus will go towards all the other animals we care for a the Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary.

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Guest Donor on 27 Mar 2019
Niki on 27 Mar 2019
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Moggers on 23 Mar 2019
I can't believe they made you pay when you were basically sorting out a problem for them! What's the RSPCA like over there at responding to animal cruelty cases? Biglove to you all!

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