Donation Methods on Givealittle

When donors donate to a charity with Tax Donee status via Givealittle, we automatically provide a receipt (scroll down to see an example) that donors can use to claim tax credit (if applicable) which frees you up to do the fun stuff! Donors can also use Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit/debit card, or Account to Account.

One-Off Donations

Credit & Debit Cards

Givealittle accepts Visa or Mastercard and payments are processed by Windcave (Givealittle does not store credit card details unlessusers opt-in for that convenience).

Account 2 Account Internet Banking

Account 2 Account transactions are also handled by Windcave and protected by 3D-Secure (Givealittle does not store any of these details).

Apple Pay and Google Pay

If donors are logged in to their Apple or Google Pay when donating, this option will appear automatically creating a more seamless donation process.

Givealittle Vouchers

Givealittle vouchers make great gifts and are regularly used to donate to causes close to Kiwi hearts.

Givelittle Wallet

Users can top up their "Givealittle Wallet" at any time and donate when the inclination takes them. Great for people who want to put some cash aside for charitable giving but don't have a cause in mind at the time.

Regular Giving

We know a steady stream of small donations can make a big difference to charities and causes and help them operate in an impactful way. We offer a couple of options for Regular Giving.

Regular Giving via Credit Card

Givealittle Organisation pages offer Regular Giving by default, it can also be turned on for any Cause page. When donating via credit card, donors are given the option to make their donation repeat weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Payroll Giving:

Anyone can make a Payroll Giving Plan and it can be enabled in any Payroll system. Everyone can use Givealittle Payroll Giving!

When using Givealittle Plan to make payroll giving donations, a tax credit of 33% is automatically applied, meaning there's no admin to do at the end of the tax year. This means if a donor donates $15, only $10 will be deducted from their pay or credit card.

Find out more about Regular Donations and Givealittle Payroll Giving here.