Regular Giving via Credit/Debit Card

We know that Regular Donations can be an important part of a versatile fundraising strategy, and keeping this in mind, we’ve made it easier than ever for donors to sign up to donate regularly on a monthly, weekly, or fortnightly basis. By Default, all Charity and School Organisation pages already have Regular Giving enabled. In the donate screen, the donor will see the option to donate as a one-off, but also monthly, fortnightly, and weekly. The donation will be processed immediately and subsequent donations will repeat with the frequency they select.

Knowing that they are in control of their giving makes donors more likely to sign up for regular donations, so cancelling or altering the regular donation is easy - they can contact our support team or they can access the ability to make changes themselves by registering with Givealittle, using the email associated with the donation.

You can track your regular donors with our detailed reporting, click the links for guidance on how to access these reports via your Donor Database or Payment Advice (Excel).

How donors sign up

You don't need to do anything, Regular Giving should already be enabled on your organisation's page. If it isn't, contact our friendly team to get it sorted.
Screen shot of regular giving buttonsFor your donors, it's an easy selection when they make a donation.
When they select Monthly, Fortnightly or Weekly, the "Donation Method" (further down the donation screen) changes to credit or debit Card.

Details the donor put on the donation (comment, TaxGift opt-in, etc) will be the same every time the donation repeats.