Givealittle Teams

Givealittle Team pages allow groups of people to fundraise collectively as part of an Event, and a because each participant in the Team has their own page, it adds an element of friendly competition!

An example of how Teams work: Team "Blue" is 8 workmates running a marathon trying to raise 5k collectively for charity, if there are 8 members, each person is fundraising by sharing their own page with family and friends to raise $625 each! Or perhaps they are in competition with Team "Gold" from the 5th floor of their workplace, and are competing to see who can get the most donations for charity! The total raised by each team is also shown on the Event Page, so it's easy to see how much each Team raised.

General Team Donations: As well as each team member having their own page, it's possible to have a Donate button on the team page for donations to the team as a whole. Contact us after you have created a Team page and we will add this for you.

A breakdown of the elements of Teams for Events

  • Event Page - think of this page as the central hub of all participants' fundraising. This page is created by a Charity/Individual/Group/Business who is organising the event.
  • Team's Page - this page is created by a "Team Leader". Team Leaders can be the same as the Event organiser, or can be created by others.
  • Team Members - these individuals join their respective team by creating a Fundraiser page for it.
  • Independent Fundraisers - these individuals are not linked to any team, and participate in the event independently.

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