Exercise Activity Tracking

Hosting a challenge event where participants are doing an exercise, fitness or activity challenge? They can share their exercise/activity information with their supporters on their Givealittle page! This is a great way for participants to engage with their supporters and have their fundraising process followed.

Participants can either enter the information manually via Givealittle or connect to Strava or Fitbit for automatic feeds.

As the organiser, you could set the challenge or the participants can set their own challenge - it could be exercise hours per day or number of kms, could even be an overall target goal for a month.

Participants can display their overall exercise/activity on their page, as well as the individual entries (with or without maps) - just depends on what the challenge is!

How to set it up?

Just create your event page and get in touch with us to activate this feature.

Check out our help documentation to see how participants set up Exercise Activity Tracking on their page.