Live Streaming & Givealittle

With so much fundraising moving online it's good to know you can integrate your fundraising page on Givealittle with your online event. And if you are doing something fun in the "real world", think of live-streaming it to get more people watching and donating (and don't forget to hook it up with your Givealittle page).

Pulling your Givealittle donation feed onto your streaming platform:

You can link your Givealittle page to your streaming provider of choice to provide a real-time feed of donations. You'll find detailed directions on how to do this here.

Team this up with a clickable link from your streaming platform to your Givealittle page and you are in business.

Embedding your social media live stream on your Givealittle Page:

The Givealittle team can embed your Facebook or Twitch live stream directly on your Givealittle page! Get in touch with us at - we love to help.