Showing gratitude perpetuates the goodness - it gives your supporters the warm fuzzies, and an incentive to continue their support. Givealittle gives you a number of ways to send personal messages of gratitude.

Set up automated “Thank You” messages

These are messages of gratitude that you pre-set to share with your donors and fundraisers automatically. Set these up in the "Gratitude" section when you create an Organisation, Cause, Project or Event page. They can be edited at any time, to keep your donors and fundraisers up to date with new information and motivational messages.

This automated thank-you message is sent out with the receipt, or with the page confirmation in the case of a new Fundraiser.

As well as a thank-you, you can use this function to send out "calls to action" related to your campaign and include links to other pages.
For example: "Thanks for your donation! Please visit our Facebook page to see the impact you have made."

Respond directly to donors via your Givealittle page

For the personal touch, you can comment directly on each donation (this is in addition to the automated thank you message, described above, which goes out with the donation receipt).

One option is to go to the Donations Raised page ( where you can drill down to individual donation details or download the Donation CSV, which contains the email addresses of donors who are happy to be contacted directly, and email them.

Some donors are shy, however, and don't want to share their contact details outside of Givealittle. But you can still thank these people directly by commenting on their donation.

To view the donation and add your own message, go to and select “View and Comment” to drill down to the donation details:

Your reply shows publicly on the page:

It also gets emailed to the donor directly:

It’s a lovely way to connect, and encourages donors to share and continue supporting you.