Page Templates for your fundraisers

Page templates make setting up a Givealittle page easier than ever by allowing you to pre-populate the page that someone will see when they go to fundraise for your organisation, cause or event.

You can add as much or as little detail as you like, including images and video links - up to the point where the person just has to add their name and contact details!

Ideal for any campaign or event where you will have a lot of people participating and making their own page. Think a marathon, a bakeathon, or any challenge or event. They can also be added to your "always on" Givealittle organisation page, allowing your supporters to easily fundraise for you at any time.

Template links are very easy to send too - post the template link on your website or email it, or post it on social media... the fundraiser can take it from there.

Our friendly Givealittle team can quickly create an auto-populated template for you.

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