Givealittle Payroll Giving for Charities

Givealittle Payroll Giving makes it easy to make regular donations to an organisation with Tax Donee status directly from your salary or wages.

You get the benefit of receiving regular donations without the need of providing your banking information to multiple businesses as we already have it!

Your donors receive an immediate Tax Credit so they do not need to wait till the end of the tax year to claim their rebates nor upload any receipts to IRD .

Givealittle Payroll Giving also enables employers to support their people's generosity by matching donations - we can handle all that also.

Do I have to be a registered charity to receive Payroll Giving donations from Givealittle members?

You need to be an organisation that has Tax Donee Status with IRD.

Is there a charge for receiving funds from Payroll Giving?

Givealittle does not charge anything extra for funds raised via Payroll Giving (and the donor and employer don’t have to pay anything either. However, we do have a 5% service fee on all funds raised on our platform, to cover our running costs. We are a Registered Charity and do not make a profit. The fee will be deducted when funds are paid out between the 20th and 25th of each month. Donors have the option to offset some or all of the 5% service fee via Top-Up Donations when setting up their Payroll Giving Plan. Top-up donations do not incur fees.

How can I communicate Givealittle Payroll Giving to our supporters?

It's easy to promote Givealittle Payroll Giving to your database or on your website, as an simple way to give that benefits them and you. Here is some information you can direct your supporters to for more information.

(The URL to share with your supporters: