Matched Giving Campaigns

Matching is a perfect way to boost your fundraising because it gamifies giving and encourages donors to amplify the benefit of their donation through access to a pool of matching funds, which provides donors with a real sense of achievement. It also adds a sense of urgency as donors want to see your charity get all the matching funds available before the period runs out.

It’s effective to leverage corporate brands or major donor funding and it doubles the impact of the donation and the original matching funds.

What’s more, it's an ideal way to thank and promote your corporate sponsors and big supporters as they gain mana and exposure by providing the matching funds.

The notice that appears on the page when matching is active

You can set up a separate Givealittle page for a specific campaign, or you can add matching to an existing page for a period of time. 

Matching possibilities:

  • Mobilise your corporate partners! Send out motivated comms to let employees and customers  know about your campaign, and how matching via Givealittle will maximise their donations.
  • Your corporate sponsors can help by running an in-house campaign and promote matching donations to employees.
  • When a large donor offers funds, instead of just taking the donation, suggest doubling it with a donation matching campaign.
  • Ask a few smaller benefactors if they’ll go in together to create a pool of money large enough for a special matching campaign.
  • Embrace seasonal events like Christmas, or personal events like birthdays, when the joy of giving-and-getting is on people’s minds and the “gift” element of matching is highly motivational.

How to Set Up Matched Giving for Your Campaign:

Step 1 - Find a donor willing to provide matching funds. This can be one donor or combined funds from a few sources.

Step 2 - Set up your campaign page on Givealittle and talk to our friendly support team to add matching to your page.

Screenshot of a page with matched donations 

Step 3- Promote the campaign through your networks and media. Use Givealittle's Page Share functionality to get the word out on all kinds of social media platforms.

Step 4- When donors contribute they get a badge on their donation saying it is matched and the matching total for the page is updated.

Screenshot of a matched donation on the page

Step 5- Follow up. Use Givealittle’s Page Update functionality to send message to the donors letting them know how it went and thanking them for the success of your fundraising! And remember to let your matching partner(s) see how much good their support has done.

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