Here is where you can find and support those who have been affected by the flooding in the North Island in January 2023

Total funds raised by these pages: $880,770.32

nathalee redman


Auckland flooding requesting help please

Car flooded

Shainaz Rafiq


Help my Sis rebuild her life. Every $ counts

$1,535 raised Help my sister rebuild her life affected by the flooding in Sunnynook.

Rochelle Timbers


Family of Eight Loses Everything In Auckland Floods

$1,055 raised Helping Ofa and her family of eight rebuild their lives.

Christa Harris-Bradey


Help Raise Funds for Damaged Business

$2 raised Funding Damaged Business

Leanne Bourne


Life Changes in a Flash

$1,550 raised Two floods, two cars written off, possessions lost.

Caroline J


Major flooding

$4,200 raised Kiwis helping each other!

Karen Ritchie


Help Niccole

$4,631 raised Niccole has lost everything due to the recent flooding in Auckland

Rachel Nielson


Any help due to flooding

Raising money to help replace stuff lost in flood

Koreen Liew-Young


Help Lara's family after the Auckland Floods

$1,965 raised Raise money to help Lara & her family after losing their home of 14 years to the Auckland floods while waiting operation for her broken leg.

Zoe Hawkins-Wilde


Help Sarah help her children after losing her home in the Auckland floods

$6,677 raised Sarah Barrell and her children lost their home in the January floods. Let's help her get her family back on their feet.

Summerland Primary School


Support our Summerland families who have been severly impacted by the floods

$2,565 raised Raising funds for Summerland Primary families whose homes have been devastated by the recent floods

Dani Wakelin


Let's help Scotty get back on his feet

$10,350 raised Our very valued colleague Scotty has been affected terribly by the flooding that happened this Auckland anniversary weekend.

Natalia Molina


Support and help Colombian family back on their lives after flooding.

$1,500 raised A Colombian family with two children, a 6-year-old and a 1-year-old baby needs our help

Aaron Watkin


Support the Pilgram Family, Flood Victims Twice Over.

$1,630 raised Help support Mike & Tracey rebuild their home after the Auckland flooding hits them again.

James Jennings


Help Shalina and her family rebuild their lives

$5,060 raised Raising funds for my sister Shalina and her family of 6 (soon to be 7) who have been made homeless by the Auckland floods.

Hannah Browning


A whanau's devastating start to 2023

$11,475.91 raised Whanau that never asks for help.. is in need now during this devastating time...

Lena Stewart


Flood relief for us

$300 raised To help rebuild what was lost in the flood

Vincent Fransham


Nile River Flood (The River Nile)

$2,208.07 raised Help us get back on our feet from the flood ❤️

Kelly (Vasati) Faaui


Kelly Faaui

$965 raised Kelly Faaui and family loses everything in flooding

Samantha Grace


Family of 4 without a home

$410 raised Family of 4 affected by Auckland flooding on Friday 27th January.

alisia Pipitolu


Help Daniel and the boys get back on there feet

$3,805 raised Helping our uncle and cousins start over

Lakeisha Fangaake


Help Fangaake family get back on our feet

$20 raised Our home has become inhabitable after the flooding in Auckland over the weekend, unfortunately we did not have insurance

Yasmin Aschebrock


Flooded friend with no insurance

$520 raised Please help uninsured flood victim

Ayla Rasmussen


Help raise money for flood damaged household and personal items

$3,345 raised Donations for flood damage for my family

Anna Ladd


Help Anna & Caleb post-flood and pre-baby

$2,360 raised Helping Anna and Caleb post-flood and pre-baby

Nigel and Briar Dunn


Nigel and SAS will bounce back!

$2,600 raised Help Nigels workshop clean up and get SAS back up and running.

Mandy Ross


Help Fraser get back on his feet

$4,680 raised Fraser lost everything he had saved and worked so hard for in the floods on Friday.

Scott Denham


Help Scott recover from the flood.

$41 raised Help Scott recover from the flood

Elizabeth Palupe-Grant


Support for victims of the Tamaki Makaurau Floods.

$530 raised Support for a family in need.

Davina Thompson


Flooding event in Grey Lynn flooding that has now left my brother without a home.

$1,967 raised Help our brother have a roof over his head due to losing everything in the Auckland floods.

Rebekah Saxon


Support for Thornton family who lost home in floods

$18,049.99 raised Supporting a family who lost everything, including their home, in the recent Auckland floods.

Sarah Main


Uninsured: Can you please help Maddie replace essential items lost in Friday's flood?

$4,067 raised Financial relief to get my uninsured daughter back on track after losing most of her possessions to flooding on Friday.

Samuelu Aki



Auckland Flood Relief Fundraiser

Marcel Ziegler


Save my mates family house

$0 raised Save my friends family house from going down a hill

Kura Perry


Family of 5 lose everything in West Auckland floods

$767.50 raised A family of 5 left homeless and traumatised after West Auckland Flooding, unfortunately they had no home contents and car insurance

Auckland City Mission


AM Show & Auckland City Mission Flood Response

$392,323.51 raised Support Auckland City Mission -Te Tāpui Atawhai provide food, essential items and outreach to those most affected by Auckland's flooding.

Cherrie Wheeler


Mandy has lost everything in the Auckland flood

$1,575 raised Mandy has lost everything, let’s help her by raising enough to get her a new bed and start to rebuild her life

Toni Weaver


40 weeks pregnant and without a home

$10,537 raised For the 2nd time in 18months Jamie and James have been affected by Auckland flooding

Kelly Bates


Homeless and in desperate need of help

$9,735 raised We have lost everything in the Auckland flood

Priscila Bernardes


Helping Lourenço and his family get back on their feet

$5,155 raised Helping out a family who lost their house in the Auckland flood.

New Zealand Nepal Society Inc


Support Nepali Flood Victims in Auckland

$1,958 raised Support Nepali community members affected by flood and who do not have insurance coverage to replace lost goods and items.

Ellie O'Neill


House destroyed in land slip

$17,265 raised Please help to rebuild Lisa and Zane's home by donating here.

Courtney Streat


young family affected by Auckland floods.

$5,125 raised Helping

Yashwantika Sharan


Flood Relief Help

$5,085 raised Flood relief help for the Maisuria family.

Bridgette Lotriet (Jacobs)


Flooding fund

$1,455 raised Flooding fund, house is flooded totalled, nothing insured

Mala Brajkovic


Help Zlata re-home and rebuild after floods

$8,520.61 raised Helping Zlata to set up home again after the Auckland flood.

Sarah Jefferson


Flood Victims - Mum with terminal Cancer and Son with Down Syndrome

$8,560 raised Flood victims - Mum with terminal cancer and son with Down Syndrome evacuated from their flooded home, many belongings destroyed

Larissa Hodgson


House lost in landslide

$35,842.62 raised Help Teressa, Luke and their family get back on their feet.

Marc Rowlinson


Floods of help!

$4,179.98 raised Supporting friends hit by Auckland floods

Deidre Steyn


Our niece and her boyfriend looses everything they own in the Auckland floods

$5,165 raised Flooding in this young couples flat destroyed all their belongings and sadly without insurance, they desperately need help to restart.

Kate Rhodes


Warehouse affected by the floods

$610 raised Warehouse affected by the floods

Adrianne Walker


Helping Anna, Dick and the boys get back on their feet

$68,728 raised Helping out our dear friends who have lost their house in the Tamaki flood.

Laura Vargas Salas


Hakanoa underwater

$9,302.24 raised Lovely Hakanoa house was completely underwater

Shyla Stratful


Young family lost everything to flooding for the 2nd time

$3,154.91 raised Raising funds for my brother and his family who once again lost everything in the West Auckland flooding on the 27th January.

Te Rourou, One Aotearoa Foundation


We are raising funds to support Auckland City Mission's response efforts for the Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland flooding.

$144,219.49 raised Vodafone and Te Rourou, Vodafone Foundation will match donations to support Auckland City Mission's flood response up to $35,000 each.

Michaela Nicholls


Help Bays School of Dance- we got through Covid- this cant be the end!

$6,960 raised A small local Dance School

Katrina Daniela


Linda and family have lost everything while in Starship with her son Seth preparing for a kidney transplant

$29,221.49 raised Linda and family have lost everything and she is donating her kidney to her son Seth as he needs a transplant urgently

Tesara Keil



$3,806 raised Help the Pilgrims rebuild their life as they have lost everything to flash floods for the second time.

Susan Woods


My son helps everyone now he needs help

$1,455 raised Help our son, he needs you