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Fundraising for a Charity, School or Cause already on Givealittle

One way to get behind a cause already on Givealittle is to create a page of your own. Donations received will be paid directly to the charity, school, cause or event.

If you are representing a school or charity that doesn't have a Givealitttle page, visit here for more information.

If you are not an offical representative of the organisation but want to fundraise for them, the easiest method is to go to the page you want to support and select the Help Fundraise link (a green button).

This will start you off with a new Fundraiser page.

Alternatively, go to Raise Funds at the top of the page and complete the required details. If you already have an account on Givealittle its faster to log in.

Under Beneficiary Details, select that the funds will be received by an existing charity, school, cause or event.

Then search for the page by typing the name and click its name in the search results to add it. You can select up to 3 beneficiaries. If you select multiple beneficiaries, donations will be equally split among the pages.

Type a few words on your Involvement and why you're supporting the cause.

Continue completing the rest of the sections.

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