Payments from Givealittle

When money gets paid out

Givealittle's standard payment process is for funds raised in a particular month are to be paid into your bank account in the month following, between the 20-25th.

e.g. Donations raised between 1st-31st January are paid out between the 20-25th February.

In instances when funds are needed sooner, our team are more then happy to help. You can request an early payment here. We deal with these on a case-by-case basis and we may request additional information.

This is explained in our Terms.

Your payment advice

Whether you have several active pages or just one, we provide a detailed breakdown of your payment automatically every time we process a payment to you.

When we make a payment to you, we send a Payment Advice to your nominated email address. This provides you with the information you need to understand your payment.

For a breakdown of the donations that make up that payment, you can log on to Givealittle and download an excel file with a detailed breakdown for analysis and planning.

Check here for instructions on how to download the Excel file.