Donor Validation

Donor validation means that a page has received donations from at least three different donors. It is an important part of demonstrating the overall trustworthiness of a page.

It shows that there are at least three people (other than the page owner) who feel strongly enough about the cause and its legitimacy.

Pages that are not Donor Validated cannot be searched on our site and can only be accessed using a direct link.

Achieving Donor Validation

If you are a page owner trying to get donor validation then it's easiest to make a donation yourself and then send the page link to at least two other friends who you think will donate. And, no, those of us without friends can't just donate three times - it has to be three separate email addresses.

Try and choose friends who you think will make a generous donation and ask that they don't hide the amount. It helps set a trend for your page. In the future, when prospective donors are deciding how much to donate, they look at what others have given and base theirs off that.