Verification screen - Associated persons

(This article explains explains how to fill out a specific section on the Verification screen. General instructions on accessing and using the screen are available here. For information on who we need to verify, and why, check out this article.)

The Associated Persons screen is where organisations tell us about people who are either authorised representatives, or have Effective Control of their organisation. For further details on what it means to have “Effective Control”, check out the article here.

We use the information you provide to email each person, asking them to confirm their association with the organisation, and invite them to provide information that we can use to verify their identity.

We cannot pay funds until we’ve verified the identity of everyone on the list.

By default, we automatically add you as an “Authorised Representative”. If there is a more accurate role name you would like to use then click the pencil icon to edit it.

To tell us about a new associated person, click “Add Person” at the bottom of the screen. A pop-up will appear where you can enter their name, email, and position within the organisation:

The list of Associated Persons can be changed by deleting associations (by clicking the rubbish-bin icon), or editing an existing entry (by clicking the pencil icon).


If you represent a Charity that is registered with Charity Services (i.e. you have a valid CC number entered in the Official Registration section) then we will pre-populate the list of Associated People from their service.

Unfortunately, Charity Services don’t provide email addresses so, for each person, click the pencil icon to edit their details and enter a contact email address.

The data from the Charities website sometimes lists people who do not have effective control and, therefore, do not need to be verified. In this case, click the pencil icon to edit the record and indicate that the officer does not have effective control.

If the pre-populated trustee information is wrong (e.g. out of date, positions are wrong, etc.) and needs to be corrected, then the changes should be made at Charity Services. When they have taken effect, the updated information will flow through to Givealittle.