Fundraising for your School or Charity

Having a presence on Givealittle is another way schools and charities can receive donations. To register on behalf of a charity or school you must be able to provide verifiable details of the organisation's bank account. Once you create an account for a school or charity, you will be able to raise funds only for that specific organisation.

Go to Raise Funds at the top of the page and complete the required details.

Under Your Details, select that this account represents an organisation, then select your organisation type and enter your organisation's name.

Confirm that you will be able to supply proof of a bank account in your organisation's name and type a few words about your organisation.

Under Beneficiary Details, select the type of funds you're raising. If you'd like to receive general donations on an ongoing basis, select general charity use – note that with this option, the amount being donated will not be visible on your page. If you have a target amount or date to fundraise by and want to show how much is being raised on your page, select a specific purpose.

Continue completing the rest of the sections.

You can click Save for Later to come back to the page at any time. Once you're ready for the page to go live, hit Publish.

Click here to start fundraising