Video Troubleshooting

Video is a fantastic way to share your story, and it’s easier than ever now, with high-quality video cameras in phones and online video sharing sites.

You can embed videos from Facebook (including Reels), YouTube (including Shorts) and Vimeo on your Givealittle page and in Givealittle Page Updates.

Your videos don't need to be Oscar-worthy productions - they might just be a quick interview or update from you. 2 minutes or less is good and short, regular, video updates work well to keep your supporters informed and engaged. Get more tips about using video effectively (and how to post them to Givealittle) here.

Why won't my video play on my Givealittle page?

Videos are a great way to tell your story and connect with your supporters, and usually work without a hitch. But if you’re having trouble getting your video to play from Givealittle, these are some of the common issues we see:

Sounds obvious, but do you have the right link? Maybe it’s been truncated in cutting and pasting? Try pasting it into the URL bar of a browser.

Access Permissions

If you find your embedded video won’t play, check that you have the access permissions for the video set to “Public”, so that anybody can view it. You can test this by pasting the link in an incognito browser window.

Also, for some sites there are extra privacy settings. e.g. for Vimeo, as well as the "privacy settings' which need to be public, there is "embed privacy" for each video which needs to be set to “Anywhere”.

Some helpful links:

For Facebook videos

For Facebook Reels

For Vimeo

For YouTube

Licencing Issues

Occasionally a hosting site will incorrectly block a video from appearing on another website (like Givealittle) because it’s flagged a breach of copyright. This often happens where there is background music.

For example, if you are getting the error message “This video can’t be embedded” for a Facebook video or Reel, and have checked the access permissions already, it’s likely the sharing is being blocked by Facebook for licencing reasons.

Try removing any background music from the video, re-uploading it, and adding it again on Givealittle. If this doesn’t help, you might try hosting the video on another source (YouTube, Vimeo seem to have fewer issues).

If you're still having trouble, contact our friendly team for help.