Emoji display on Windows using Chrome or Edge browsers 🤔

You may notice square boxes appearing on a page when you view it in certain browsers.

For example, the heart-hands emoji:
Heart Hands was approved in September 2021 as part of Emoji 14.0, alongside Unicode 14.0.
It displays OK on mobile devices, the Firefox browser and on browsers on a Mac computer.
But, when the viewer is on a Windows PC and the Chrome or Edge browsers, it looks like this:

Unfortunately there is not much we can do - the bad news is that these browsers haven't caught up with the latest emojis and don't know how to display them.
The good news is that the page is not "broken". If you look at it using anything other than Chrome or Edge you will see the emojis looking OK.

If it is your page, you might want to change to other emojis that display better, but it's really only an issue if you think a lot of the people looking at your page will be using a Windows PC with Chrome or Edge.