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How to claim a Tax Credit

As of 2019 the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD) have made it a lot easier to claim your tax refund from donations.

And, best of all, you don’t need to wait until April next year!  Do it now, and there’s no worry about losing your receipt, or forgetting to do it later.

Registering with IRD

To submit your receipts online to IRD, there's a couple of setup steps you need to do first.  You should only have to do these once.

First, register with their myIR website.  This can be done at

Once you've registered with myIR, you need to register for Donation Tax credits.

In the menu labeled "I want to...." click "More".  Under "Other Actions" click "Register For Donation Tax Credit".  Enter your bank and eligibility details and click Submit.

Submitting your Receipt

Log into the IRD’s myIR website at

Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard to see the “Accounts” section.  Click the link labelled “Donation tax credit”:

(If you don't see an option for "Donation tax credit" then you'll need to register first by following the instructions above.)

On the Summary tab, click “Add new receipt”:

Click the  button and fill out the screen, as per the details of your donation.  Note: although your donation was to a third-party charity, fill out this screen as a donation to Spark Foundation.  Note also that “Donee IRD number” is an optional field, and can be left blank.

Click the “Add receipt attachment” button and complete the details in the pop-up screen.  Be sure to click “Browse…” and upload the receipt document that Givealittle emailed you:

Click “Save” and then “Next”, and then “Next”.

On the “Credit Transfer” screen, click “Yes” if you’d like the money paid to your bank account now, or “No” if it is ok to accumulate.

All going well, you should see a confirmation screen, informing you that the refund is being processed.

Wondering what to do with your windfall?  Why not check out some of the great pages on Givealittle...

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