Regular Giving via Credit or Debit card

Regular Giving is great way to support a cause or charity that means something to you. One-off donations are much appreciated, but a regular stream of giving allows the charity to plan and focus on what they really want to do rather than constant fundraising drives.

How to set it up

Setting up a Regular Donation is quick and easy. When you are donating to to a charity that has this option enabled you will see this:

Screen shot of regular giving buttons

The default is for a one-off donation. You can select Monthly, Fortnightly or Weekly; and the Donation Method (further down the donation screen) changes to credit or debit card by default.

That's all there is to it!

How it works

  • Your donation will be processed immediately and subsequent donations will repeat automatically with the frequency you select. Any details you put on the donation (comment, etc) will be the same every time the donation repeats.

  • You will receive an email from us the day before your regular donation is processed (as well as a confirmation email with a receipt when it is done).

  • The reminder email also contains a link to snooze your regular gift (this will skip it and remind you again when it's time for the next one).

  • To cancel or edit your regular donation go to My Givealittle > Account >Regular Giving. (You will need to register on Givealittle, if not already a member, using the email associated with your donation.) Or you can Contact Us.