Buying vouchers

Studies have shown that giving to others not only gives you warm fuzzy feelings but also has a positive impact on your mental health and physical wellbeing. And wouldn't it be great to gift those things to someone else?

We also know that giving gifts can be quite tricky, even when you know someone really well. What could this person want? For family, friends and colleagues alike, Givealittle vouchers make great gifts. They can be deeply personal to the receiver, simple for the giver and allow you both to share the joy of giving.

They also be great for business promotions or gifts.

There are no restrictions on what Givealittle pages a voucher can be used for and you can choose from a preset amount, or enter any value you like up to $500.

They come in a number of different designs so you can still feel like you’re giving and receiving a gift. They look great printed if you’d like to give the gift in person. (Being an e-voucher means that the most important part of the voucher is the Voucher Number that's printed on it & included in the body of the email that gets sent, for ease of access).

Voucher sample

Sent to you, or emailed to the recipient

The voucher can be emailed to you, to be sent when you are ready or to the lucky recipient directly with a message from you.

The printable PDF with the voucher attached looks like this:

View of the Voucher PDF that gets emailed out

You can purchase vouchers here.