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Creating a Givealittle Plan

Givealittle Plan for employers

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Now there's an easy way to set up regular donations to support causes on Givealittle that matter to you. Givealittle Plan makes it easy for to regularly support the causes on Givealittle and allows New Zealand employers to encourage their people's generosity without the expense and hassle of building a payroll giving scheme from scratch.

With Givealittle Plan, you can make regular donations using your credit/debit card or payroll giving donations. If your workplace uses Givealittle Plan as a payroll giving programme, it enables you to donate directly from your salary or wages on a tax-free basis .

The first step is to create a Member Account with Givealittle. Next, create a plan and give it a name, by hitting the Plans tab on the left hand side of your My Givealittle page. Then decide whether you want to donate using a credit card, or have the donation taken directly from your salary or wages. You are now ready to choose your plan beneficiaries - that's it!

Click here to view a helpful, step-by-step guide on how to set up payroll giving with Givealittle Plan

What are the benefits of Givealittle Plan?

A steady stream of small donations can make a big difference to charities and causes and help them operate in an impactful way. Donating just $15 a fortnight adds up to $390 over a year! When using Givealittle Plan to make payroll giving donations, a tax credit of 33% is automatically applied, meaning there's no admin to do at the end of the tax year. This means if you donate $15, only $10 will be deducted from your pay or credit card. (If you set up your Givealittle Plan using your credit card, you will need to claim tax credit a the end of the tax year).

How do I set up a regular donation with Givealittle Plan?

It’s easy - just log in, select your regular donation amount and add it to one of your Givealittle Plans.

Who can I donate to using Givealittle Plan?

When using Givealittle Plan to make donations from your pay, you can only support organisations with donee tax status. This is because a 33% tax credit is applied immediately from your employer through your payroll system. To give to any moderated and donor validated Givealittle page (e.g. a page for a cause or event), you can opt to manage your Givealittle Plan from your credit card.

Is there a minimum donation?

If your donations are coming out of your pay the minimum is $5. If donations are paid for by credit card the minimum is $1.

Can I give regularly to more than one organisation page?

You certainly can. Add as many beneficiaries as you like to your Givealittle Plan.

When do the beneficiaries receive the funds from my Givealittle Plan?

Funds are paid out to your plan beneficiaries between the 20th and the 25th of the month following your payroll giving funds being received.

Is there a cost to using Givealittle Plan?

Givealittle Plan incurs a 5% service fee for your beneficiaries, which goes towards running the site. We won’t be charging a fee for donors to use Givealittle Plan but we do encourage you to give a little extra to offset the service fee.

What if I want to cancel my plan, or make changes?

This part is really simple. Rather than relying on somebody to make changes to your Plan for you, you can simply log in to My Givealittle and edit your settings.

How do I set up my Givealittle Plan?

The first step is to register with Givealittle. Next, create a new plan by going to the Plans tab on the left hand side of your My Givealittle page. Then decide on the donation amount and beneficiary. If you select the payroll giving option, you'll receive a form to fill out and pass on to you work's payroll department.

IMPORTANT: if you set up your Givealittle Plan through payroll giving and change the $ amount of your plan this will generate a new Payroll Giving Request Form which you will need to give to your payroll department or update yourself in self-service payroll.

What are the benefits of payroll giving?

Payroll giving is an efficient way to make charitable donations, allowing employers to support their people's generosity and employees to receive the benefit of a tax credit at the time of making the donation. You can show employees that you support the causes they're passionate about by matching their donations up to a cap that you decide. Givealittle Plan makes it easy for people to make regular donations to approved donee organisations on Givealittle using just one payroll deduction from their earnings. They can choose to regularly support the causes that matter to them from more than 27,000 charities and community organisations and 2,500 state and state-integrated schools.

Is there a cost for using Givealittle Plan?

There is no cost charged to employers to facilitate the transfer of an employee’s deduction. There is no fee for employees to use Givealittle Plan but they are encouraged to give a little to offset the 5% service fee levied on the payroll giving beneficiaries.

What organisations can employees support?

With Givealittle Plan for payroll giving, employees can only support those organisations with donee tax status. This is because the 33% tax credit is applied immediately by the employer through your payroll system. Employees are able to give regularly to any moderated and donor validated Givealittle Page but would need to set up their plan to run from their credit card instead.

What are my responsibilities as an employer?

Your obligations to administer payroll giving are covered under Givealittle Plan. All you need to ensure is that the correct tax is paid and that the minimum deduction you process per employee is $5 or greater per pay period.

What steps do I need to go through to process this Payroll Giving Request?

If you chose to support this Givealittle Payroll Giving Request, as the employer you must: • deduct the requested amount from the individual employee’s salary or wage • calculate the correct tax credits for each deduction • record the tax credits against the individual employee on the EMS • keep records of all tax credits for deductions to Givealittle (Spark Foundation), amounts and payment dates • pass the deductions to the Spark Foundation’s nominated Givealittle trust account within the specified time frame of the deduction being made from the employee’s salary or wage

We have a self-service payroll system - what do I need to do to support payroll giving via Givealittle?

Simply set-up the Spark Foundation (Givealittle) as an approved payee in your payroll system and ensure employees can initiate at least one individual pre-tax deduction per pay period with the ability to personalise the transaction details with their name and unique payroll giving reference number.

We have multiple employees using Givealittle for payroll giving. Can we just make one payment for all employee deductions?

No. Each employee’s deduction must be received as one single transaction in the Givealittle (Spark Foundation) trust account with the unique transaction reference information as stated on their Payroll Giving Request form.

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Do I have to be a registered charity to receive regular donations from Givealittle members?

No. Givealittle Plan can be enabled to run from a credit card to any moderated, donor validated cause page on Givealittle.

What happens to scheduled plan payments to my page if my page closes?

The nominated amount will be reversed / refunded back to member account of that the donor who can reallocate that donation to another cause or keep it for a one-off donation.

Is there a charge to fundraisers for receiving funds from Givealittle Plan?

From 1 September, Givealittle will levy a 5% service fee on all funds raised on the platform to cover transaction fees, payment processing, web hosting and customer care. This fee will be deducted from the main donation when funds are remitted to your account between the 20th and 25th of each month.

Can my page be exempted from service fees for funds received via Givealittle Plan?

No but we do ask the Plan owners to consider a Top-up donation to offset some or all of the 5% service fee. Top-up donations do not incur fees and are paid to the fundraiser after service fees have been deducted. This means that beneficiaries may pay less than the 5% service fee . Where top -up donations exceed the amount of the 5% service fee the fundraiser receives the overage.

How can I communicate the benefits of payroll giving to our supporters?

Get in touch with us at for some email templates you can customise to promote Givealittle Plan to your database.