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Buying Vouchers

Givealittle e-vouchers make great gifts, Rather than just donating on someone else's behalf, they allow you to share the joy of giving. There are no restrictions on what Givealittle pages a voucher can be used for and you can choose from a preset amount, or enter any value you like up to $500. 

Being an e-voucher means that the most important part of the voucher is the Voucher Number that's printed on it (& included in the body of the email that gets sent for ease of access), but we also give you a choice of different designs so you can print them out and give them in person.

Voucher sample

Sent to you, or emailed to the recipient:

The voucher can be emailed to you, or to the lucky recipient directly with a message from you. 

The printable PDF with the voucher attached looks like this:


Voucher sample

You can purchase vouchers here.

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